Cut Above the Rest: A Long List of Peppermint DIY Projects

If you find yourself with a little bit of spare time and no idea how to fill it, keep those idle hands from the devil’s works with this long list of Peppermint DIY projects.

Peruse at your pleasure to learn more about some of the cool and creative projects we’ve put together over the years, then say goodbye to boredom and au revoir to creative indecision, we’ve got your next make sorted!


Inside each issue of Peppermint, we aim to include all sorts of special stuff – thoughtful long reads, stories of people doing good in the world, resources for living, eating and shopping more sustainably, and we try a chuck in some delightful bespoke DIY projects and patterns too. 

You may not be able to lay your hands on every copy of Peppermint there’s ever been, but fear not! Our specially made Peppermint DIY projects are available to purchase on our website for a nominal fee so you never have to miss a sweet make. 

Peppermint Tote Bag

Keep your swag safe and close to hand with this sweet tote bag DIY. This capacious craft project comes from our very own Sewing Content Manager, Bonnie Liston. It’s a nicely oversized tote with exposed bound seams to add a bit of spice, and an internal pocket to keep your essential essentials in. With this beauty on your arm, you’ll be TOTE-ally ready for your next adventure!

This project was featured in Issue 58 and you can access it here.

Peppermint Apron 

Keep your clothes clean and live the cottagecore dream with this adorable DIY apron! This sensational sewing pattern is a surprisingly simple project. Its cool cross-back design keeps your hands free whether you’re flipping pancakes, playing with paints or planting flowers, and allows for a flexible fit on lots of bodies. Plus, the pattern comes with a packet of pockets for you to personalise your creation! Will you be the artist, the chef, the gardener or something entirely new and completely you?

This project was featured in Issue 57 and you can access it here.


From busted buttons to split seams, be ready for any sewing emergency with this cute and handy travel-sized sewing kit – the perfect scrap-busting project for beginners!

This project was featured in Issue 55 and you can access it here.

Peppermint Pillowcase Tops 

Looking for some fun in the sun? Try these summer-ready tops made from upcycled pillowcases! Beginner-friendly, this pattern is flexible, self-draftable and designed to fit lots of bodies.

This project was featured in Issue 52 and you can access it here.

Peppermint Bucket Hat 

Bucket hats are back, baby, and we’re mighty chuffed about it. Stay safe and stylish in those dastardly summer rays with your very own self-sewn and self-drafted wide-brimmed hat!

This project was featured in Issue 53 and you can access it here. 


Looking for another project to while away an afternoon maybe even with some little ones by your side? Look no further than our easy-to-stitch Bush Buddies! We teamed up with maker Katie Weychardt to bring you this fun, fuzzy DIY that is perfect for both beginners and more experienced sewists.

This project was featured in Issue 48 but you can access this cute DIY here. 


The slow, meditative practice of hand embroidery is not just a fun, accessible craft – it leaves you with a gorgeous piece of fabric art magicked out of a needle and thread. We asked the talented Emma Downing of Yarn Industries to design four exclusive Peppermint embroidery patterns featuring native flora and fauna – they’re perfect for the beginner or experienced embroiderer! 

This project was featured in Issue 51 and in the first edition of our digital sewing magazine Sew&Tell – but you can also access the gorgeous designs here


If you dig through the Sewing & DIY category on our website, you’ll also find a bounty of free projects and tutorials we’ve created for your edification, entertainment and enjoyment. Here are just a few of our faves…


It’s an Aussie Christmas classic – pulling a cracker and donning a paper crown to wear through a long lunch that lingers into the late afternoon under the hot summer sun. But no matter how beloved they may be, it must be admitted that these flimsy paper constructions, not to mention the other disposable detritus that fills a cracker, are not the most sustainable celebrational accessory. 

Why not craft a more long-lasting crown? No need to master the art of metal smithing – a little fabric and some ribbon make for a suitably celebratory circlet that can be worn by you and your loved ones year after year. They can even be used in those barren 11 months that separate Christmas times – for birthdays, fancy dress-ups or just to add that casual touch to an outfit that says, “Yes, I am a queen.”


Countdown to Christmas and craft yourself a soon-to-be treasured family heirloom with the Peppermint Christmas Tree Advent Calendar! This hangable tree counts the days to Christmas, nestling a shining star in numbered pockets on its journey to the top of the tree. You can tuck some tiny treats in the pockets to sweeten the interminable days in December for the small people in your house, add little pieces of a puzzle or a toy that will be completed at the end, or maybe place notes every night with challenges, heartfelt messages, trivia or jokes!

Papercut Art Cards

Nothing beats the meditative practice of cutting out paper and Studio Flos‘ Claire Cassidy has it down to a fine, carefully cut art. We teamed up with Claire – a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator from Sydney who is no stranger to a good snip session – to create this 100% easy, 100% cute papercut art card!


We are always on the lookout for cute and clever ways to use up the very scrappiest of scraps in our fabric stash – and assuage ourselves of the guilt of contributing to Australia’s significant textile wastage. Here you’ll find a few simple scrap buster projects you can take to your pile with a smile and clear out your horde – while creating some cute accessories to boot!


Alright, stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a super simple DIY from Romy-Krystal Cutler of Sew Like Romy who teaches us how to ice dye textiles!


If you’re still craving more Peppermint DIY projects, you’re in luck! In collaboration with our friends at Spoonflower, we’ve made some top-notch tutorials over the years. Check out our work, and the rest of their projects to boot.

DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial 

Decorative pillows add personality (and plushness!) to any space. Square throw pillows, lumbar and kaleidoscope pillows are all popular styles, and, for an even more unique look, we love a good knot pillow. Turns out they’re the perfect beginner project to sew yourself. Follow along to learn how to make your very own.  

Wet Bag

Ever out and about and need somewhere to tidily store a wet swimsuit, sweaty gym clothes or maybe even dirty diapers? With this wet bag tutorial, it’s all literally in the bag and solved with a handy waterproof storage solution! Made from Spoonflower’s Recycled Canvas and Polyurethane Laminate, this cute lil’ pouch will help you securely stow away even your grimiest items until they can safely hit the wash.


Skip the plastic forks and spoons during your next picnic date, camping trip or neighbourhood barbecue by sewing your own sustainable cutlery holder, perfect for keeping reusable utensils clean and cosy wherever you go.

Heatless Hair Curlers

Using a fat quarter of satin fabric from Spoonflower, and inspired by stacks of TikTok inspo, we sewed our own fabric hair curlers, perfect for giving your locks a new look sans heat!

Quilted Coasters

Looking to add a handmade touch to your coffee table, desk or dining room? Your answer might be these quilted coasters that are easy to make, the perfect scrap buster and machine washable!