Peppermint Pillowcase Tops – DIY Project!

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Looking for your next crafty project? Try these fun summer tops made from upcycled pillowcases! Our very own Sewing Content Manager, Bonnie Liston, has created these beginner-friendly, thrift-flip projects to make all your dreams come true. This pattern is flexible, self-draftable and designed to fit on lots of bodies.

This project was featured in Issue 52 and now you can access it for the lovely price of only $5!

This purchase allows you one download in an easy-to-follow PDF. Just a little note, make sure you are ready to download on the right device, as you will only be able to download once. 

We’d love to see your projects coming to life – tag us on socials @PeppermintMagazine and use #PeppermintPillowcaseTop to show us your work!


1 review for Peppermint Pillowcase Tops – DIY Project!

  1. Rebecca Brown

    Beautiful patterns

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