The Time To Act Issue

Isabel Lucas • Plant-powered people • The rise of fast homewares • Feminist water ballet • Climate countdown • Fashion innovation • Longevity lessons • Spell & the Gypsy Collective • Raising radicals • Playsuit pattern •

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A print magazine about style, sustainability and substance


We’ve partnered with our friends at Spotlight and Brisbane-based maker Sophie Parslow (AKA Ada Spragg) to bring you this gorgeous woollen...

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Being mindful in the office – slow workplace

The Slow Office Movement

Many of us are nicely familiar with slow food and slow fashion – but what about applying those principles of...

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Super Powers

There’s food, and then there’s ‘superfood’ – a collection of ancient ingredients with a reputation for going the extra mile...

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Raw Choccie Cupcakes

RECIPE: Raw Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Yum! If you’ve still got room for a couple more deliciously decadent treats this season, take a look at Maz...

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Mango lassi Peppermint magazine

RECIPE: Mango Lassi

Chill out over summer with this moreish mango lassi from Teresa Cutter, AKA The Healthy Chef. A power-packed smoothie rich...

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Sustainable Christmas guide

How to have a sustainable Christmas

Us humans are generous creatures, so it’s no wonder that when the giving season slides up in its sleigh we...

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How does one use the humble coconut to improve the lives of entire communities in the Solomon Islands? Dr Dan...

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The Big Design Market

Peppermint at The Big Design Market!

HELLO SYDNEY! Exciting news from Team Pepps: we’ll be at the amazing Big Design Market for all three days of...

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The calendar of the South West’s Nyoongar people includes six annual seasons – Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang –...

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Harvest Newrybar is something of a triple threat, with a deli, coffee cart and restaurant all jostling for attention in...

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What The Fabric Store Wore

In each and every issue of Peppermint we partner with our pals at The Fabric Store to bring you amazing...

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Issue 40

The ‘Time to Act’ Issue: Out now!

Our Summer Issue 40 is on sale today and it takes a look at some big ol’ subjects: climate change,...

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It’s common sense for us to live symbiotically with nature – we just can’t relegate action anymore.


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  • Happy Monday! Are you ready to take on the world today? (Tea first)
Cute shot from plant-based cafe @buddhabowlcafe 🌱
  • Thank you Mary Oliver for all your beautiful words about life, nature and gratitude for our ‘one wild and precious life’.
🎨 @lisacongdon
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  • ‘Home sweet home’ by Steffen Kraft @iconeo. Check out #artistsagainstplastics for more artists raising awareness about the urgent need to reduce plastic waste.
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  • The community and mental health elements of Groove Therapy classes are central to Vanessa’s understanding of dance and how it can bring people together and, quite simply, make us feel better. Most of us are familiar with the obvious health benefits of dancing, since it’s a physical activity that gets us moving – but it has plenty to offer on a mental and spiritual level, too. “Regularly attending any sort of extra-curricular activity means you can meet people and become part of a community, which is really important for keeping a healthy headspace,” Vanessa points out. “Dance is a means of non-verbal self-expression, and expressing yourself is pivotal for those going through a mental health crisis. It’s a screen-free activity. It gets you out of your head and into your body.” It can also help us stay mentally fit – dancing builds the white matter in the hippocampus region of our brains, which governs learning, memory and balance. If an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away, a dance a day could help stave off the effects of an ageing brain, Vanessa explains. “I could honestly keep going but you’re convinced, right?” she jokes. “Go have a boogie by yourself right now.”
Read more in issue 40 from @vanessamarian_ of @groovetherapy_101. 💃
Words by Carody Culver, image by @emmaxanderson
#peppermintmagazine #dancetherapy
  • Ahoy there, craft lovers! We've teamed up with our friends at @spotlightstores to bring you this super gorgeous, easy-as DIY wall hanging, which was whipped up by @adaspragg and will basically impress anyone who ever happens to set foot in your pad. Trust us it's a goodie, so don't hang around – head to our website to find out how you can make your own, ASAP!
  • This beautiful morning view by @rachaelkeenan17 ⛰
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