Winter Issue 58

The future looks bright • Bob Brown stands tall • Growing by sewing • Green beyond the grave • DIY tote bag • Class of 2023: Australian animals back from the brink • Why ‘fat’ is not a bad word • The future of wellness • Knit happens with Cardigang • Rethinking AI • Beyond the gender binary • Retail done differently • The pleasures of leisure •

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The Stitch Up – A Celebration of Me-Made May Makes

The only downside to Me-Made May is that you all are posting so many marvellous makes, it’s hard to keep up...

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Meet the Patternmaker Behind the Peppermint Rozelle Slip

Step into a scene of simple sophistication with our latest pattern, the Peppermint Rozelle Slip.  This exclusive, highly wearable pattern...

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Taste the Rainbow with Peppermint’s Me-Made May Makes

It’s the most wonderful time of year – Me-Made May! A time when the internet comes together to celebrate the...

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Sewing School: Introducing the Peppermint Rozelle Slip

Slip into something a little more comfortable with our latest pattern, the Peppermint Rozelle Slip...

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Come Out and Play… Peppermint Issue 58 is Here to Make Your Day!

Football has always been a big part of my life. However, a ruptured ACL a few years back took me out of the game...

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So You Want to… Start Your Own Natural Health Business

According to a recent, self-conducted survey, Endeavour College found almost half (46%) of participants cared more about their health now...

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Sustainable Stays: Peek Inside this Heritage-Listed Melbourne Hotel

Far from home and living out of a suitcase, making sustainable choices can sometimes be a challenge when you’re travelling...

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“It’s a Privilege to Travel, Not a Right”: How to be a More Mindful Traveller

As humans return to their globe-trotting ways post-pandemic, the more unsettling realities of industrialised global tourism...

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Game, Set, Match: Check Out These Inspirational Samford Set Makes

We’re still basking in the perfection of the Peppermint Samford Set, our latest pattern made in collaboration with Sew to...

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Voice, A New Vision: The Process and Principles of a Referendum

This year will see a referendum called for First Nations constitutional recognition through an Indigenous Voice to Parliament...

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In Pie We Crust: A Seasonal, Plant-Based Guide to Eating Through Autumn

The autumn leaves are falling down like pieces into place and we’re dreaming of cosy days indoors, plaid scarves and pumpkin pie...

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Art with Heart: Disappear Into the Wonderful World of Monica Rohan

A powerful force for change, art can make a deep and moving impact on our hearts and minds. With so many talented creatives...

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