Peppermint magazine – Winter Issue 50

Winter Issue 50

• Letters to the future from today's changemakers • Permaculture champion Hannah Moloney’s new radical • Uncoiling race-based hair discrimination • Hillary Waters Fayle’s botanical art • Fat acceptance with Stephanie Yeboah's • The power of sustainable styling • Protecting First Nations' cultural heritage • The high steaks of meat sustainability • The history and tradition of hand-sewing • Hetty McKinnon on culture, connection and cooking •

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How to Be a Good Ally All Year Round… Not Just During Pride Month

Pride Month is here, which means it’s time to pop open a bottle of champagne, buy something with a rainbow on it...

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Are Buy Now, Pay Later Services a Friend or Foe to the Ethical Fashion Industry?

Afterpay is having its day in the fashion industry, but are buy now, pay later services fuelling mindful or mindless purchases?

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Meet the Patternmaker Behind the Peppermint Paddington Top

Start your (sewing machine) engines, our latest free pattern, the Peppermint Paddington Top, has landed! It’s a bold blouse pattern...

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Business (Not) as Usual: The Aussie Brand Fighting Fast Fashion to Tailor A Better World

How often have you had a garment tailored? Your wedding dress, maybe? A fancy suit for work? Unfortunately it’s not...

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One Dress, Five Ways – How to #WearTheChange by Making Your Wardrobe Go the Distance

How many times have you stood staring at an overflowing closet, lamenting the fact you had absolutely nothing to wear?!...

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Natural Dyeing Tips for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Part experiment, part craft activity, the magical process of natural dyeing is a fun way to freshen up old wardrobe...

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Hip Hip Hooray! Our Bumper 50th Issue Is Out and It’s the Biggest One Yet

“You’ve always said that you hope one day there’ll be no need for Peppermint anymore – when fashion just ‘is’...

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Best of the Month: What the Peppermint Team Is Loving and Living For This May

It’s time for another edition of The Monthly Mint – a chance for you to join in the Peppermint office chat...

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All Kilns Glazing: Meet the Local Pottery Brand Fighting for the Planet

After bursting onto the reusables scene with their planet-friendly, portable pottery adorned with eye-catching glazes, artist Clare Botfield and second-generation...

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“Every Garment Counts”: Why The Fashion Advocate Made the Decision to Stop Stocking Polyester

When I launched The Fashion Advocate in 2014, I was convinced I could change the world. I was sitting front row at A.F. Vandevorst...

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Just Keep Growing – How to Make Your Very Own DIY Fabric Planters

We’re not the first to sing the praises of plants, nor the benefits of getting crafty with your hands, but...

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Business (Not) as Usual: This Coffee Company Is Changing the Game, Not the Player

If you think dumping your coffee grounds in the bin after your daily grind isn’t as harmful to the environment...

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