Summer Issue 56

Secondhand summer • The slow art of making • Don’t look up • Get curious with Jonathan Van Ness • Unlearning ableism with Carly Findlay • An exclusive extract from Grace Tame’s new memoir • The evolution of sewing circles • An easy, breezy t-shirt dress DIY • Crochet your way to a brand new bag • Three summer-ready avocado recipes • Behind the seams with The ANJELMS Project and Ngali •

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Sleigh, What! The Finders Keepers Market Is Coming to Sydney This Weekend

The Finders Keepers markets will be shining bright at The Cutaway, Barangaroo from the 9-11 December, 2022...

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Hannah Diviney on Calling in Beyonce to Now Making Waves on the Small Screen

Hannah Diviney made headlines around the world earlier this year when she called in Beyonce...

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Crowning Glory: How to Craft a Reusable Fabric Christmas Crown

Spread some sustainable festive joy with this simple and speedy DIY, the Peppermint Reusable Fabric Christmas Crown.

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Meet the Patternmaker Behind the Peppermint Rosalie Skirt

Get ready to swirl and twirl our latest free pattern, the radiant and ravishing Peppermint Rosalie Skirt!  This exclusive, highly wearable...

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From Dropout to Tinsel Queen – On the Cutting Edge of Creativity with Rachel Burke

Known for her vibrant, tactile designs and iconic tinsel creations, Rachel Burke’s work is inspired...

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The Stitch Up – Remember, Remember the Me-Mades of November

November! In the wise words of Tom Cardy... it's 'Not Quite Almost Christmas Time'. Depending on where you are in the world...

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Sewing School: The Peppermint Rosalie Skirt Is Here!

Our latest free pattern is sweetly swirling into view – meet the Peppermint Rosalie Skirt! Made in collaboration...

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Ride into the Sunset with These Inspiring West End Jacket Makes

We’re feeling protected from the cold, yet somehow still cool as hell with the Peppermint West End Jacket, our beaut...

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A Letter on Gender by Queer Rights Activist Deni Todorovič

A vocal activist for queer rights, co-host of the podcast What Are You Wearing? and the human behind popular style Instagram...

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Full of Wonder, Cecilia Mok’s Fabric Design Will Make Your Heart Sing

Splashes of colour, abstract shapes and fantastical flora come together in surface designer Cecilia Mok’s...

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Turn and Face the Sun – Our Summer Issue Is Coming In Hot

Time has a funny way of catching up to you. While, for me at least, it felt like the year had been dragging on, now the months are smudging...

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Wine Talk: Are You Confused About What Organic Wine Really Means?

Australians love their wine – and a growing number of us have a special spot reserved in our fridges for organic plonk. But wine language...

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