Autumn Issue 49

• Meet the winners of the Kindness Cup! • The climate activists fighting for change • Breaking the binary of gendered fashion • A fun upcycled DIY with thrifted business shirts • Chuckle your way to nirvana in a laughter yoga class • Healing country the First Nations’ way • Hack your diet to lower your carbon footprint • Go behind the seams of transparent fashion label Elk • Much-loved cook Alice Zaslavsky serves up salad gold in praise of veg •

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Five Takeaways from BrisStyle’s Create and Connect Conference

It feels like connection has never been more important than it is right now. Whether it’s actual in-person face time...

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Recipe: Who Says Hot Cross Buns Are Just for Easter?

Whoever decided hot cross buns could only be enjoyed at Easter, had another thing coming. And while store-bought always does...

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Everything You Need to Know About the Xinjiang Cotton Statements

This financial year, an estimated 24.3 million tonnes of cotton will be harvested worldwide. Around 20% of that crop comes...

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Made the Wide-strap Maxi Dress Yet? Here’s Some Hacks to Get You Hooked

There’s a whole lot to love about the Peppermint Wide-Strap Maxi Dress pattern. We collaborated with Lauren Boyle of Perth-based...

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11 Easy Ways You Can #SwitchForNature Beyond Earth Hour

Saving the planet doesn’t have to mean turning your life upside down. Australia has the opportunity to make the switch...

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The Monthly Mint: Everything We’re Loving and Living For This March

It’s time for another edition of The Monthly Mint – a chance for you to join in the Peppermint office chat...

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how to go a year without shopping – sustainable lifestyle

Challenge Accepted – Lessons From My Year Without Shopping

Last year I challenged myself to stop shopping. No new clothes, shoes, or accessories...

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Seven Tech Tools to Offset Your Online Footprint

Streaming a movie, sending an instant message or simply storing photos in the cloud – they’re the seemingly insignificant online...

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Five Reasons Why Being Kind Makes You Feel Good – According to Science

Everybody can appreciate acts of kindness. But when it comes to explaining why we do them, people often take one...

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Ocean Optimism: Restoring the Great Barrier Reef One Coral Fragment at a Time

The decline of the Great Barrier Reef has become a household topic as news of mass bleaching events flood the...

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Trash to Treasure: Six Australian Brands Reframing How We View Waste

Recycling may have its issues, but it’s still an important ‘R’ in the #reducereuserecyclerefuse life goals mantra. And as today...

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Sewing School: The Peppermint Valley Jumpsuit

Jump for joy in our latest free sewing pattern – the Peppermint Valley Jumpsuit! We worked with French patternmaker Raphaëlle Bonamy of...

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"Only when we start to understand the language of the land, can we read the landscape like a book."