Winter Issue 61

Our first Peppermint Pattern is here! Meet the Tansey Top • Embroidery joy from our cover artist Fleur Woods • The curious power of the compliment • Plastic-free beauty round-up • Colourful threads from Ellie Whittaker • Speaking out on mental health • Bangarra Dance Theatre • Building better communities • A fun thrift flip • 'Behind the seams' with Nancybird • Accessible art with Studio A • Visible mending • Using textile waste to forge connections

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Shop That Stash: Tablecloth Upcycles Your Nanna Would Approve Of

If you’re an op-shopper, you know that vintage tablecloths are hotter than a just-filled hot-water bottle. It seems we’re all...

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This Inspiring Project Finishes Handmade Pieces Left Behind by Loved Ones

Whether it’s a lovingly half-finished quilt or a treasured needlepoint midway to completion, this worldwide charity aims to ease grief...

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Crafternoon Delights! 6 Easy-Peasy, Beginner-Friendly DIY Kits

If you happen to have a little time on your hands, we have just the thing to fill it with:...

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Thrifting and Trains: Travelling Europe the Slow (And Sustainable) Way

Picture this: you’ve been gifted a two-week Eurail Pass, you have a suitcase to fill with op-shop treasures and you’ve...

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Meet Thuy Nguyen, The Patternmaker Behind The Tansey Top

Meet our very first ‘Peppermint Pattern’, the Tansey Top! To bring our vision to life, we worked with renowned fashion...

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How Sewing Surpassses Generations with Needle and Thread

With over 20 years of sewing experience, Annie Stafford created Ford Wardrobe as a place where new sewers can find...

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Dive In! Beautiful Bronte Bathers From Three of our Fave Pattern Testers

The Peppermint Bronte Bathers, designed in collaboration with Sharon and Justine Cowie of Swim Style Patterns, have certainly made a...

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Sydney-Bound? Rest Easy at This (Affordable!) Profit-For-Purpose Hotel

Heading into the big smoke? Have we got news for you, dear friend, because we’ve found the perfect place to...

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Sewing School: The Peppermint Tansey Top Is Here to Win Your Heart

Like a good friend, a warm bath and a camomile tea, the dreamy Peppermint Tansey Top will always be there...

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Hobbies for Happiness (And the Risks of Mixing Business with Pleasure)

Ever imagined quitting your desk job to spend your days stitching and crafting by a log fire? Tread carefully, my...

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Threads of Joy: Warmth and Wonder in our Bumper Winter Issue

The Britannica Dictionary describes a diamond in the rough to be “a person who has talent or other good qualities...

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Making Waves! Spoonflower’s New Range of Apparel Fabrics

When Spoonflower asked if we’d like to partner with them for the launch of their new apparel fabrics, it was...

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