Peppermint Magazine – Spring Issue 51

Spring Issue 51

On the road to an electric future • Deep dive with conservation filmmaker Julia Wheeler • Why empowerment sells • Christine Yahya’s art for body acceptance • Inside Erin Lightfoot’s geometric wonderland • Veronica Milsom tackles sustainable parenting • Count to zen with daily meditation • Finding space for First Nations’ self-care • Meet the male sewists challenging gender norms • Analiese Gregory on cooking wild at the end of the world •

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Easy as Dye: How to Use Ice (Yes, Ice) to Refashion a Thrifted Dress

Alright stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new DIY as Romy-Krystal Cutler, from Sew Like Romy...

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Hurrah! The Finders Keepers Markets Are Back This Weekend!

The Finders Keepers markets are back, baby! We’re so excited to be part of the 2021 seasons – on board...

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sustainable yoga clothes

Go with the Eco Flow: 12 Sustainable Yoga Brands

Call us fickle, but we’re firmly in the camp that believes cute (and sustainable) yoga clothes are nine-tenths of the...

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Have an Old T-shirt? Upgrade Your Sleeve Game with This Fun Upcycle

T-shirts have defined casual dressing for decades, which perhaps explains why our wardrobes are so...

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Seven Amazing Visible Menders You’ll Wish You Followed Sooner

Visible mending is a quietly subversive craft. In some ways it is the antithesis of fast fashion – rejecting the...

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Recipe: A Bountiful Vegetarian Feast

As food production becomes a more important (and contentious) issue, it’s vital that we arm ourselves with the knowledge to...

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Celebrate National Op-Shop Week with This Super Cute Thrift Flip

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to hit the op-shops, we’ve got you. This week in Australia is National Op Shop Week...

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Lip Service: 11 Natural Lipstick Brands We Love

On July 14 2019, hero to the people Dolly Parton tweeted these immortal words: “Grit and lipstick, two things you...

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Take a Peek Inside Our Preloved Wardrobes for Secondhand September

Hurrah! It’s the most wonderful time of year – Secondhand September, a chance to reflect on our wardrobe choices and...

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Lights, Camera, Climate Action: Press Play On These Documentaries Stat

The overwhelming narrative we are fed when it comes to climate science is one that inspires doom and gloom. And...

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Plus-Size Sewing Patterns: Seven Brands to Keep on Your Radar

There’s no size limit on looking good. We all know the fashion industry can be a tad limited when it...

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Best of the Month: Plant Styling, Ted Lasso’s Biscuits and Bisexual Vampires

It’s time for another edition of The Monthly Mint – a chance for you to join in the Peppermint office chat...

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