Autumn Issue 49

• Meet the winners of the Kindness Cup! • The climate activists fighting for change • Breaking the binary of gendered fashion • A fun upcycled DIY with thrifted business shirts • Chuckle your way to nirvana in a laughter yoga class • Healing country the First Nations’ way • Hack your diet to lower your carbon footprint • Go behind the seams of transparent fashion label Elk • Much-loved cook Alice Zaslavsky serves up salad gold in praise of veg •

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Fashion Brands Promoting Feminism Should First Look at Their Own Supply Chains

You don’t have to look far to find fast fashion brands aligning themselves with social causes. And one such cause...

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“A Timely and Important Step”: Magpie Goose Transitions To First Nations Ownership

In what sets an important precedent for the Australian fashion landscape, beloved social enterprise clothing label Magpie Goose is now...

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Inspiration Station: Have You Made the Peppermint Bardon Dress?

If you’re anything like us and enjoy twirling your way through each and every day, our collaborations with Perth patternmaker...

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Hooray for Good Humans: Meet the Kindness Cup Winners!

Need a little reminder that there’s still good in the world? Our kindness champions have it in spades. Since the...

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Everything We’re Loving and Living For This February

It’s time for another edition of The Monthly Mint – a chance for you to join in the Peppermint office chat...

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It’s Here! Our Gorgeous Autumn Issue Is Out Now

Press pause and unwind with Peppermint’s lush Autumn Issue 49. Contemplative and thoughtful, it’s the perfect way to lead into...

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Vintage, Preloved and Household Items: Sewing with Upcycled Fabrics

While we love fashion and allllll the pretty things, we don’t love the waste that comes with it. Along with...

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Show Some Handmade Love This Valentine’s Day

The shops are full of love hearts, red roses are all the rage and expectations are high. Yep, it’s almost...

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Five Docos At Transitions Film Festival To Inspire Hope For A Better World

If you enjoy your films served up with a side of hope for the future, feast your eyes on the...

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How To Respectfully Navigate 26 January and Above All Be A Good Ally

*That* time of the year is fast approaching – the public holiday in January that’s home to the questionable annual...

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Me-Made Masks: Tips, Tricks and Patterns to Make Your Own

So it’s looking like masks are set to remain as a handbag staple, living happily next to half a chocolate...

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The Monthly Mint: What We’re Loving and Living For This January

Welcome to a brand new online series we’re calling The Monthly Mint – a chance for you to join in...

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"Only when we start to understand the language of the land, can we read the landscape like a book."