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Winter Issue 54

Big grrrls making big moves • Dr Karl’s climate quest • Australia’s new super foodies • The deal with dopamine dressing • Walking on sacred ground • Preserving ancient Georgian tea traditions • Cybele Malinowski’s Chernobyl in photos • Miimi & Jiinda’s art of healing • Four fun DIY projects • Cleaning up dirty denim • Facing the world’s music • Each to Own’s happy shop •

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The Finders Keepers Markets Are Swinging Back Into Melbourne Next Week

Can you believe it?! The Finders Keepers markets are back in full-swing, baby! We’re so excited to be part of the 2022 seasons...

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Get Around These LGBTQIA+ Owned Australian Fashion Brands All Year Round

As Pride Month draws to a close and big fashion names begin to drain the rainbow colour from their logos,...

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The Stitch Up – A Few of Our Favourite June Makes Spotted in the Wild

Without our lovely makers what even are Peppermint patterns? Just some lonely PDFs and an empty hashtag...

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Masters of Country: A Guide to the 2022 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

The ever-vibrant Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) will return to Far North Queensland next month to showcase the immensely...

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Nice Rack! Tara Whalley Wears Her Art on Her Sleeve

At the risk of stating the obvious, the clothes we wear matter. And not just in the sense of sartorial...

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Exclusive: Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Launches 2022 Public Program

Shining a light on the incredible Indigenous creative talent we have in this country, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) will return...

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It’s Quiltin’ Time – The Endless Possibilities of Quilting

As we wander deep into winter in the southern hemisphere, our hearts and wardrobes begin to yearn for the cosy,...

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Centring First Nations Art and Stories “Keeps Culture Alive”

The National Indigenous Art Fair – two immersive days of First Nations art, design, food and culture – will return...

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The Art of Resistance – How Sewing is Stitched into Pride’s History

We may be living through a golden age for vexillographers (flag-makers) as the combination of divisive online discourse...

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How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: Must-Watch Ocean Documentaries

Today is World Oceans Day, the day we celebrate the vast wonder that spans 71% of our beautiful, blue planet....

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Meet the Patternmaker Behind the Peppermint Albion Bouse

No matter the weather, you can roam the moors in style with our latest free pattern, the Peppermint Albion Blouse,...

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Sewing School: The Peppermint Albion Blouse Is Here!

Pull out your poetry and get capital-R romantic with our latest free pattern, the Peppermint Albion Blouse. Made in collaboration...

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