How’s The Serenity At This Handcrafted Tiny House In Victoria

If you fancy sinking into a warm outdoor bath (in a recycled cast-iron tub, no less) whilst taking in sweeping views of Gariwerd/Grampians National Park, or cooking up a hearty breakfast from a hamper of locally baked and brined goodies, might we suggest you take a peek inside Nook On The Hill? Built almost entirely from repurposed materials, this tiny house embraces eco-friendly principles to reduce its impact while offering a snug sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature.


More than five years in the making (and a decade in planning), Nook On The Hill has been a labour of love, handcrafted over 5,000+ hours by owner and builder Benjamin (Benj) Bailey-Webb as a homage to sustainability and slow living. Inspired by his late father, who built four cottages during Benj’s childhood, Benj set out to create a home of his own, which is tucked away down a gravel road in the village of Pomonal, just under three hours’ drive northwest of Melbourne. 

Clever craftsmanship not only impresses on the outside; ceramic light fittings, custom furniture and original artwork by neighbour, Stacey Rees, bring in all the cosy, homemade vibes while the bathroom features hand-painted tiles and a handmade ceramic sink. “I wanted as many elements of the house to be as bespoke as possible,” says Benj. “When I didn’t know how to do something, I found an expert and set out to learn from them.”

Designed to encourage relaxation and reflection, Benj describes the Nook as a slow escape from a fast world. “Slow living to me is about living within our means, placing emphasis on quality and using a high level of consideration when deciding on the things in life that we consume,” he says. “Really dialling in on the purpose to our actions and in the end, leaving this place better than how we found it.” For stacks of sustainable DIY inspo (or to book yourself a toasty spot by the firepit) visit Nook on the Hill.