Got a Wedding Coming Up? These 12 Sewing Patterns Are Guaranteed to Impress


Here at Peppermint, we’re not afraid to come out with our bold pro-love stance. We’d go so far as to say we love love. And love, to coin a phrase, is a many-splendored thing. The only thing better than love, perhaps, is when you get invited to a big party all about love, filled with people that you love! A wedding, we believe they’re sometimes called…

However, if you’re known to your friends and family as a me-made modiste, a sew-per star if you will, there’s always the danger at formal events that you will be asked, “Hey, did you make your outfit?” And if you didn’t, you may as well just curl up in the corner and wallow in the shame…

So in order to keep you safe, we’ve put together a swathe of sewing patterns suitable for ceremonies of all shapes, sizes and dress codes. Sew on and celebrate mes amours


Some weddings can be endurance events. Multiple locations, multiple activities. If you want something that can take you from sitting to standing, eating to dancing, from afternoon mingling to midnight revelries, looking sophisticated and put-together while secretly being comfy as all get out – very much the paddling swan of party people – check out patterns like Silver Saga’s romantic maxi Ella Dress or Style Arc’s effortlessly elegant Elsbeth Dress. 

Ella Dress – Silver Saga

Sewing level: Advanced Intermediate

Size Guide: EU 34–48 (Up to a 70-inch hip)

Elsbeth Dress – Style Arc

Sewing level: Challenging

Size Guide: 4–30 (Up to a 70-inch hip)


It’s not clear if real-life weddings are actually the locus of sexual and romantic connections that popular media portrays them to be… but they are often filled with people who you want to see while looking your absolute best. If you’re attending a cocktail-code shindig and you want people to know that even though this event is not about you, you’re actually an incredibly fun, vivacious and interesting person, try some more casual, trendy patterns like the one-shouldered Therese Dress from Swim Style Patterns (with optional cutout depending on how flirty you’re feeling), or the colour-blocking of Our Lady of Leisure’s Gin and Tonic Dress.

Therese Dress – Swim Style Patterns

Sewing level: Beginner Friendly 

Size Guide: XS–11X (Up to a 64-inch hip)

Gin and Tonic Dress Our Lady of Leisure

Sewing level: Beginner Friendly 

Size Guide: A–L (Up to a 61-inch hip)

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A jumpsuit is a wedding classic – a concession point between ceremony and practicality. Your song comes on? You can break it down on the dancefloor without fear of flashing anyone. Do they need help stacking chairs? You can lift with your knees without splitting any seams. And you still look cute as hell for all the photos, especially if you pick a sweet jumpsuit pattern like the Assembly Line’s Wide Leg Jumpsuit (rock some statement jewellery in that sexy v-neck), or the cheeky twist tie Mirri Jumpsuit from Papercut Patterns. 

Mirri JumpsuitPapercut Patterns

Sewing level: Intermediate

Size Guide: 1–8 (Up to a 48.8-inch hip)

Wide Leg Jumpsuit The Assembly Line

Sewing level: Intermediate

Size Guide: XS–3XL (Up to a 60-inch hip)


You can even go one step beyond the pretty practicality of the jumpsuit and suit up for a wedding. It cannot be overstated how confident and powerful one feels while wearing a well-fitted suit and when you’ve sewn it yourself, that’s the me-made guarantee! Follow the trend of pairing a tailored vest with some matching trousers like Bella Loves Patterns’ Bennie Vest and Paradise Patterns’ Protea Pants. Or go the full hog and pop on a suit jacket like Friday Pattern Co’s 80s-inspired Heather Blazer. You can even eschew expectations by wearing a suit jacket as a dress using patterns like the Homer and Howells’ Blair Jacket.  

Bennie Vest Bella Loves Patterns

Sewing level: Intermediate

Size Guide: UK 6–22 (Up to a 44-inch bust)

Protea Pants Paradise Patterns

Sewing level: Intermediate

Size Guide: 00–30 (Up to a 61-inch hip)

Blair Jacket Homer and Howells

Sewing level: Intermediate

Size Guide: UK 6–24 (Up to a 52-inch hip)

Heather BlazerFriday Pattern Co

Sewing level: Confident Beginner 

Size Guide: XS/0–7X/32 (Up to a 60-inch chest)


Does anyone do proper black-tie weddings anymore? Wearing a full-on gown to someone else’s special day feels like such a risky move. Deftly tying the knot (get it?) between floor-length formality and the versatility to be worn again to other events are patterns like Masin’s Bridgerton-inspired Daphne Dress and Deer and Doe’s statement sleeve, wrap-style Circée Dress. 

Daphne Dress – Sewing Patterns by Masin

Sewing level: Confident Beginner 

Size Guide: A–J (Up to a 56-inch hip)

Circèe Dress Deer and Doe

Sewing level: Intermediate 

Size Guide: 34–60 (Up to a 66-inch hip)