Beach, Please… Everything You Need for a Sustainable Day in the Sun

The platonic ideal of a perfect summer’s day has got to include heading to the beach to soak in some essential sun, surf and sand.

But what about the other essential S-word, sustainability? The beach is, not to state the obvious, a natural environment. And like all natural environments, we’ve got to be considerate of our consumption if we want future generations to experience the sea, shores and skies the way we get to. 

So, as we head deep into sunshine territory, we’ve put together the ultimate roundup of everything you could possibly need for a jubilant day of beachside frolicking and the best places to buy them from – brands that are keeping the seaside stylish and sustainable! Get ready to be beached as, bro… and don’t forget to Take 3 for the Sea while you’re there! 


As Australians, beset by a particularly persistent seagull with a fondness for sibilance, we understand the importance of sun safety. We all know to Slip, Slop, Slap and the younguns among us may even know about Seeking and Sliding. Protect yourself from the ominous sky orb with these awesome accessories.

Seek shade by erecting a beautiful beach umbrella that will make you the envy of the beach.

Sunday Supply Co 

Basil Bangs 

Land and Sand Essentials 

Slap on a hat to protect your precious head. Explore the incredible options on offer, from practical and plain to colourful and eye-catching, or create your own with the Peppermint Bucket Hat DIY Project

Lack Of Colour 

Topi Time 

Kullilla Art 

Will & Bear 

re/lax remade


Slide on some sunglasses, preferably a pair that meet the Australian Standard for UV protection, look cool as hell and are recycled from some unexpected materials like wood or even… old blue jeans? 

Local Supply





Slop on sunscreen to look after your body’s largest organ. Sid the Seagull, Baz Luhrman and, um, any dermatologist would agree, you gotta wear sunscreen. But not all sunscreens are created equal – make sure you’re picking one that is good for your skin and for the sea, and say, “See ya!” to those reef-bleaching chemicals! 

Naked Sundays

Skin O2



The Kind Sunscreen


One can hardly go to the beach without a sweet set of swimmers (bathers, togs, cossies, if you’re fancy). Peppermint has already put together the ultimate guide to sustainable Australian swimwear, but there are always more brands popping up on our radar. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention our beloved founder and editor-in-chief Kelley Sheenan’s side hustle Waverley Swim – wrap rashies made ethically in Australia from recycled nylon!

Charlee Swim 

Ocean Flo


Naomi Murrell 

Tempting as the alternative may be, you’ll also need clothes and cover ups – the very first rule of sun safety is slipping on a shirt after all. If your beach time is also sporty time, you can check out our roundup of sustainable activewear. If you’re the crafty kind, you could try your hand at making the Peppermint Beach Coverup. Or if you’re more into lounging, lying back and relaxing, there are some gorgeous ethical resort wear options on offer.  

Soleil Soleil 





Seaside Tones

A pair of stylish, sustainable shoes should also be on hand – or foot, rather – to protect your toesies from piping hot sand and bastardous bindies!








Now you’re safe from the sun and dressed to the nines, it’s time to start packing your proper provisions and paraphernalia. To start with, you’re going to need a trusty towel for drying off and lying on. 

The Summer Chaser

Sand Society 

Ivory and Deene 

In Bed

Also necessary is a suitable (and sustainable) bag for bearing all your belongings to the beach and back again. 


Project Ten

Isla in Bloom

The Dharma Door

Pali Baskets

Staying hydrated is important. So is sitting down for tasty eats and drinks. Everything you need for an idyllic shore-side picnic is here, from crockery to cutlery to beach blankets and mats. 

Made by Fresko 


Porter Green

Seljak Brand 

Emro Designs 

Now it’s time to kick back and relax. Are you the kind looking for an eco-friendly beach game like Finska? Or you prefer to sit your booty down in a sustainable beach chair and crack open a book? We’ve got a great roundup of reading recommendations for our stitchy pals, or here are a couple of great long reads we’ve published on the website recently. Of course, and we may be a tad biased, but our summer issue is also perfect for lazy beach days

Talking about a Revolution by Yassmin Abdel Magied

My Father and Other Animals by Sam Vincent

Together We Can by Claire O’Rouke