Winter Issue 61

Our first Peppermint Pattern is here! Meet the Tansey Top • Embroidery joy from our cover artist Fleur Woods • The curious power of the compliment • Plastic-free beauty round-up • Colourful threads from Ellie Whittaker • Speaking out on mental health • Bangarra Dance Theatre • Building better communities • A fun thrift flip • 'Behind the seams' with Nancybird • Accessible art with Studio A • Visible mending • Using textile waste to forge connections

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The Waste-Free Kitchen: 6 Recipes From Scrap-Buster Alex Elliott-Howery

Despite knowing we need to reduce our food waste, we all sometimes end up with ingredients that leave us stumped....

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Creative Escape: Artist Grace Agnes’ Guide to the Central Coast

The beaches are stunning year-round but when the weather cools, NSW’s Central Coast gets in touch with its artistic side,...

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A Front Row Seat With Magpie Goose at DAAF’s Country to Couture Showcase

With the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair just around the corner (held 6 to 11 August 2024 on Larrakia Country at the...

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Bring Your Own Bedding With These Clever Blanket Upcycles

Doona days are great but not every day can be a doona day. A blanket, however, is different: thrift yourself...

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8 Easy Eco Wins: Eyeshadow Upcycle, Seed Stashing And Snack Hacking

We get it! You want to save the world, but you’re a busy person with a job to do and...

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There Are More Plastics In Our Clothes Than Ever Before – And It Needs To Change

This Plastic Free July, you might need to consider more than your coffee cup and take a look inside your...

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How’s The Serenity At This Handcrafted Tiny House In Victoria

If you fancy sinking into a warm outdoor bath (in a recycled cast-iron tub, no less) whilst taking in sweeping...

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The Finders Keepers Market Is Coming To Melbourne And We Want All The Things

Do you happen to fancy any (or all) of the following: caffeine, cookies, crafts, cocktails? And how do you feel...

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Homegrown Labels We Can’t Wait to See on the Country to Couture Runway

Call us biased but we reckon the Country to Couture runway shows are one of the best bits of Darwin...

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Shop That Stash: Tablecloth Upcycles Your Nanna Would Approve Of

If you’re an op-shopper, you know that vintage tablecloths are hotter than a just-filled hot-water bottle. It seems we’re all...

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The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Belongs On Your Bucket List

Fancy a chance to thaw those frigid digits while mingling with the big guns of Australian Indigenous art? If a...

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National Indigenous Art Fair: Here’s An Event Sydneysiders Won’t Want To Miss

If you’re a Sydneysider with a wall in need of a glow-up (or a fabric stash in need of something...

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Stick to your guns about the things that really matter. You should never compromise on the right thing to do just because it's easier.


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“This is what happens when you’re looking for something extraordinary!” ⭐️

We wholeheartedly agree with Tina of @Twilly.By.Tina, this stunning set is far from ordinary!

From Tina (translated and edited from German):

“IT’S PARTY TIME… I was looking for something fancy, uncomplicated and with a dose of elegance. @QualityTextiles managed to almost drive me crazy with this viscose satin. Then there was the next step, and you know it all too well... finding the right pattern to make the fabric come to life?! 🤔

It occurred to me that @PeppermintMagazine and @Elbe_Textiles had co-produced a beautiful dress a while ago - the #PeppermintMaxiDress. And you won’t believe it, it’s FREE. I decided to pay something for it though. According to the motto ‘what costs nothing is worth nothing’. I’d say the bill has gone up! 😃

And so I don’t get too cool in the evening, I also made the #TallulahTieTop from @SwimStylePatterns. You decide how you like to wear it! Knot it in the front, knot it in the back!”

Download the free pattern from our website!

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When we asked environmental-scientist-turned-photographer @MarnieHawson what keeps her motivated each day, she told us: "My why is a pretty big statement: ‘I’m in business to bring back nature’."⁠
Marnie took this beautiful photograph of Kate, a bare-nosed wombat who was orphaned when her mother was killed on the road. A passer-by saw the pouch moving and took the tiny Kate (weighing just one kilogram) to a carer. Later, at @EmeraldMonbulkWildlifeShelter, Kate met her best friend – an orphaned wombat of a similar age, called William. Wombats are much happier in pairs and the two are now inseparable. 🫶🏼⁠
"I decided to start a personal project that saw me travel across the country to raise funds for some of our precious wildlife carers," says Marnie. "These dedicated individuals give so much to our native animals and I want to support them. The concept was simple – visiting wildlife sanctuaries, taking a portrait of one animal in care and donating 100 per cent of profits from each sale directly back to that wildlife sanctuary."⁠
Based in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, Marnie has forged a creative niche from her passion. Read more in Issue 61 (link in bio). ⁠
#PeppermintMagazine #PrintsForWildlife #BCorp #AustralianWildlife
Fair’s fair. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Via @WeCrochetOfficial 

#Crochet #WeekendPlans
Now that’s a bag of tricks! 👌🏼


“Finished piece came out better than expected…
This piece aims to hero the types of waste we don’t think twice about throwing out… soft plastics, plastic bottles and broken hardware.” 

#Upcycling #WasteExperiments #IntoCarry #SustainableFashion #UpcycledFashion
In our latest issue, @Laura_The_Maker explores the joy of giving compliments. 🥰🥰🥰⁠
"A favourite exchange was with a woman in her early 20s, who was wearing a gingham print, blousy linen dress and carrying a simple tote bag in a similar fabric. When I stopped her to ask if she had made her dress, her response was an instantaneous and excited, “No, but I made my bag!”. It felt like she’d been just waiting for someone to ask her. She was a new sewist and that bag was her first-ever make. She was so proud of it and thanked me for giving her “the chance to show it off”. Oh, my heart!⁠
The great thing about compliments is that they’re easy to find and they’re easy to give. It’s simply a matter of doing more with your thoughts than you usually do – say it out loud and say it to someone to whom it has meaning. I often wonder what sort of a day, week or month the women I’ve complimented were having when I sent some kind words their way. I hope that if they were in a season that wasn’t so light-filled, by taking a moment to see them, connect, smile and say something kind, I’d reminded them of their value."⁠
Never miss an opportunity to make someone feel special! Today, we challenge you to gift someone with the wonderful thought you've had about them. 💕⁠
For more on Issue 61, head to the link in bio. ⁠
Illustration: @Nadia_Grapes⁠
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This idea has stolen our hearts! 💜

From @WhatKimberleyMakes:

“Using reverse appliqué to fix a hole in these jeans. Rather than adding a patch, I thought I’d give this sewing technique a go and it worked! It was a little tricky to get under the sewing machine, I have to admit, but it’s definitely a fun way to fix up your jeans.🪡 

There’s a full tutorial on sewing reverse appliqué on, as well as a free heart template! I used this technique to make a cushion cover previously but thought I’d try something a little different this time.” ✂️

Video from @WhatKimberleyMakes 

#UpcycledClothing #SewistsOfInstagram #DIYFashion #MendAndMakeDo #LovedClothesLast
We feel you, Natalie @FancyLadyIndustries – and we love your work! ⁠
"I get a lot of small business suggested content and to be frank, my entire ethos completely works against what looks like success under capitalism. I produce one-off items in the most inefficient workflow possible for garment construction. I don't batch-cut garments in a small range of sizes. I won't make thousands of items and release them every week. I would hate to pressure you to buy any of my stuff if you don't need it or can't afford it.⁠
When I started to think about what I spent money on and how long it hung around in my life (and wardrobe), it collided with my increasing awareness of fast fashion and the textile waste crisis it has inflicted on the planet. I did not want to be a part of that.⁠
I'll never be rich, but I feel satisfied in my soul."⁠
#PeppermintMagazine #SustainableFashion #UpcycledFashion #MadeByHand #InclusiveSlowFashion #SlowFashionPlusSize #EthicalStyle #EthicalFashion⁠