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Clare Press for Peppermint magazine on sustainability

Clare Press on… diversity

Following her awesome, inspirational appearance at this year’s Brisbane PepTalks event, Clare Press – author, presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast and...

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Plastic bans in supermarkets: Coles and Woolworths announce new sustainability initiatives

Supermarket giants join the plastic war

It’s been a big month for plastic news. As well as World Environment Day (June 5) and World Ocean Day...

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Peppermint make your own DIY garden wall planter


Brighten up your home this winter with a lovely splash of green, courtesy of this cute framed wall garden how-to...

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Dr Rebecca Ray How to be Happy

How to look on the bright side

Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, author and happiness enthusiast who has been a Clinical Psychologist for over a decade....

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Eco edit: sustainable undies you need to buy now

The newest eco-undies on the block

Let’s face it: nothing gets nearer to you than your everyday underwear, so it’s important to choose carefully when it...

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Stella McCartney at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018

Peppermint at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

From Danish royalty to fashion royalty, every global player who cares about creating a positive fashion industry came together at...

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Peppermint Issue 38 – Ancient Wisdom

The Ancient Wisdom Issue: Out Now!

What can looking to the past tell us about living better modern lives? That’s the question we’re asking in our...

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How to have an ethical wedding

The ceremony, the flowers, the speeches, THE DRESS – when you’re in the midst of wedding-planning madness, it can feel...

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Peppermint Magazine make your own butter: My Darling Lemon Thyme

RECIPE: Make your own butter

We’re throwing it back to Issue 23 of Peppermint with this lovely recipe for homemade butter, courtesy of cookbook author and...

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Seljak Blanket: The Circular Economy, Peppermint Magazine

The circular economy: what gives?

If you’ve never heard of ‘circular fashion’ then brace yourself – it’s one of those terms you’ll soon hear bandied...

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Humanitix Peppermint magazine

Changemaker: Humanitix

Ever felt frustrated by those booking fees that appear from nowhere when you buy event tickets online? What if you...

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Outland Denim 2018 Baptist Ethical Fashion Report

2018’s Ethical Fashion Report Is Here

The fifth annual ‘Ethical Fashion Report’ looks at what progress has been made in the half-decade since the Rana Plaza...

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The benefits of looking to the past are very straightforward: pure simplicity


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  • If you love @mrspress as much as us (and hey, who doesn't?!) then you'll LOVE her take on diversity in fashion that we just published exclusively over on our website. And if that's just not enough Clare for your day, may we suggest you catch up on every single episode of her Wardrobe Crisis podcast right now – yep, abandon your day job and settle in for some outstanding listening on all things ethical fashion. With season two well underway, that's a whole lot of inspirational awesomeness for your ears. Enjoy! [📷 of the excellent @2sydneystylists - Edgar Mzumara]
  • Morning, friends! We’re loving this capture of Issue 38 by @page1_longjetty - have you snapped up *your* copy yet?
  • I don’t think we could sum up the night any better! 🙌🏼 Thanks SO MUCH to all who helped make this night so special - our speakers, attendees, volunteers and our partners. THANK YOU! ❤️ #Repost @drrebeccaray
{ e x h a l e  f e a r }
Last night, I attended my first speaking gig since Bennett’s birth. I care deeply about all my speaking opportunities, but this one was for my favourite magazine @peppermintmagazine, and because I love the Peppermint Team and Peppermint readers are one hundred and fifty percent *my people*, the stakes felt HIGH.
I mean, I was speaking alongside the likes of @timsilverwood of @take3forthesea and Clare Press @mrspress, hosted by Leah @unmaterialgirl who has an effervescence that I want to bottle.
Yep, no reason to be nervous at all.
It’s fair to say that I was petrified.
And it’s fair to say that I didn’t want to get on a stage in front of 200 shining souls with sleep-deprived eyes and pregnancy-rolly-polly-ness from the neck down.
But I did get on that stage.
And you know how a collective of like-minded people can create an almost other-worldly vibe? That’s the space I was welcomed into. The kind of space where messages are more important than make up and vulnerability is a precious resource.
To all of you who listened last night: Thank you for your time and the soft place to land as I find my feet and voice again.
Thank you for coming with me into a story and back out the other side.
Thank you for your willingness and appetite for conversations of substance.
Thank you for getting it.
And thank you for approaching me afterwards to make sure I knew you got it.
These are the experiences that nourish me. You and me and connecting beyond screens with hands that touch and faces that recognise kindred hearts.
Thank you for seeing me, @kelleysheenan @becjamiesondwyer, Roxane @alexandriamain, @helendewar_ @zoeleebeingme -Peppermint Magazine is clearly as brilliant as it is because it’s birthed from each of you.
#drrebecaray #pmpeptalks #peppermintmagazine #conversationsthatmatter
  • Yes please! ☕️We’re wishing we had these immunity-boosting turmeric lattes from @powersuperfoods to power our day today!
For more delicious recipes, check out the @powersuperfoods website. If you’re lucky enough to be coming along to PepTalks tonight, you’ll be taking home a gift from Power Super Foods. 👊🏼🎁🌱 📷 @powersuperfoods .⠀
#powersuperfoods #superfoods #health #healthy #recipe #raw #rawfood #fairtrade #fair #vegan #pmpeptalks
  • Tomorrow - we donut. 🍩@nododonuts #pmpeptalks #nododonuts #glutenfree #vegandonuts #brisbaneevents #peptalks #yummo
  • WORLD OCEANS DAY // Protecting our beautiful oceans is critical. They are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe. Scientists estimate up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year - that’s a rubbish truck full every minute. Plastic pollution costs the lives of one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals annually. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2050, plastic in the ocean will match the weight of fish. One of the biggest offenders is plastic bottles - we’re currently using one million plastic bottles worldwide per minute! Up to 91% of all plastic is not recycled and it can take 100s of years to biodegrade (mostly just breaking into smaller pieces in the oceans where marine animals ingest it or mistake it for food, then we eat those fish). How many years do plastic items take to biodegrade?
- Plastic bag: 20
- Straw: 200
- Nappy: 450
- Plastic bottle: 450
- Six-pack beer holder: 450
- Fishing line: 600
Say no to single use wherever possible. Pick up rubbish from the beach. Carry reusable options with you. Avoid micro plastics. Protect our oceans. #worldoceansday #saveouroceans (📷 @grumpyturtledesign - currently featured in a story about straws in our latest issue)