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There's a carrot in my pinata beetroot houmous crisp

RECIPE: Beetroot hummous with pumpkin crispbread

In the run up to silly season, we’re always looking for ways to sneak some health onto the menu. What...

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Banksia war on waste – ABC

The War on Waste: a big win

The ABC’s War on Waste hit a resounding high note with the Australian population – reigniting the waste debate and...

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Haroun a rohingya refugee from Myanmar - human rights day 2017

Human Rights Day 2017: what you can do

With Human Rights Day coming up this Sunday 10 December, we chatted to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Jana Favero...

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Peppermint magazine best vintage sustainable ethical Etsy stores

Six awesome vintage Etsy stores

Shop secondhand loveliness from the comfort of our sofa? Seriously, we are SO DOWN WITH THAT. Recently we’ve been falling...

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The Shoe Camaraderie workshop DIY leather sandals

Make your own dreamy leather sandals!

It’s no secret we’re big fans of  The Shoe Camaraderie here at Peppermint. Run by our very own office manager...

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Eleanor Ozich's braised eggplant – The Art of Simple

RECIPE: Eleanor Ozich’s braised eggplant with fragrant herbs

Our Summer Issue cover star Eleanor Ozich first gained a cult following with the easy-to-follow, wholefood recipes she posted to...

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The ‘Living with Less’ Issue: Out Now!

Our lives are filled with belongings – but is the pursuit of more and more of these ‘things’ getting in...

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Australia is the only western democratic nation that does not have a Human Rights Act

THE LAST WORD: Human rights, right now

In the build up to Human Rights Day on 10 December, we’re pondering these words from Issue 35 (on shelves...

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Cornutopia food trucks

Follow that food truck!

Restaurants and cafes that stay in one place are cool and all, but – just like our cavemen ancestors –...

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Eco Fashion Week Australia

Eco Fashion Week Australia

GIVEAWAY! If a whole week of ethical fashion’s right up your alley (and your alley’s located in or around Perth) then...

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What she makes – Oxfam garment workers research report

What she makes: where your money goes

As little as two percent of the price of clothing sold in Australia goes back into the pockets of garment...

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Evie Willsteed Genkstasy

A day in the life: fashion designer Evie Willsteed

When you’re a one-person show, the days can be long and the nights even longer. We took a peek into...

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Happiness comes from relationships, connections and experiences; owning less stuff can help leave more time for these things


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  • We all know what it’s like to hear the words ‘bring a plate’ and frantically rifle through your mental recipe book for something that’s super easy, looks impressive and is ideally also healthy to boot. Well rifle no more, because we’ve got just the thing on our website – a delicious recipe for super tasty beetroot hummous with pumpkin crispbread, taken from nourishing party-food book ‘There’s a Carrot in my Pinata’. Enjoy!
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