Sewing School: Take A Twirl With The Peppermint Somerset Swing Dress

If you’re in the business of stealing shows and owning dance floors, there’s someone we’d like you to meet: our newest pattern, the vacay-ready Peppermint Somerset Swing Dress! The best bit? Beneath that flouncy skirt lies a supportive, twirl-friendly layer that won’t let you down when it’s time to bust a move.

We created this beauty in collaboration with Jasmin Henzi of Sewing Patterns By Masin, an independent Swiss designer beloved for her feminine creations (think: ruffles, ruching and Bridgerton vibes). While the Somerset is designed to be a mini-dress, the hemline can be easily lengthened should your heart desire. And you’re really going to love this bit: there’s not one zip or button to contend with, making this a perfect pattern for adventurous beginners.

As for fabric, you want a lightweight material for this one (she’s all about the drape) – silk or satin would be just lovely. We went with Spoonflower’s Organic Cotton Sateen and the dopamine design we used is Paint Splashes Big Navy by Project Runway alum and #WearHappyColor creator Katie Kortman. Gorgeous, right?

Many thanks to our sewing partner Spoonflower for helping to make our much-loved patterns possible! From fabric to wallpaper to home decor, Spoonflower is one of the largest marketplaces for designs by independent artists from around the world.⁠ They are committed to taking steps to reduce environmental and negative impacts as much as possible, making their products with water-based inks and thoughtfully sourced materials using their innovative, on-demand printing process. Each order is printed and made in the USA by their team of manufacturing experts, and when you make a purchase, an independent artist earns up to 15 per cent royalties on their design. Pop over to Spoonflower for inspiration for your next me-made project.

Good news subscribers! You’ll receive this digital pattern for free, so keep an eye out for the email with your special code, and you’ll also receive a free printed pattern with Issue 61, delivered in May. For everyone else, the digital pattern is free when you buy a digital copy of Issue 61, or you can purchase it here under our ‘pay-what-you-like’ initiative – how cool is that?!

We can’t wait to see your creations – don’t forget to tag #PeppermintPatterns and #PeppermintSomersetSwingDress to share your makes!