Your Fashion Future

Billy Blue Branded Fashion

Big dreams of a career in fashion? Billy Blue College of Design‘s newest course, Bachelor of Applied Design (Branded Fashion), is offering students a new perspective on the industry. Branded Fashion not only includes a practical education in everything from pattern making to folio production, it also gives students the smarts to make the most of their creative side, inspiring strategic, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues. That means smart thinking when it comes to things like sustainable production and ethical manufacturing at all levels of business, from design to merchandising and buying. And rest assured, Branded Fashion students are in good hands! Mieke Leppens, Head of Branded Fashion Design, has over 25 years experience in the industry both in Australia and abroad, working in design, marketing and education. If you want to know more and meet some folks already living the design dream, join Peppermint and Mieke at Tailoring Tomorrow in Melbourne this Thursday!