Clare Press Wardrobe Crisis Podcast

Wardrobe Crisis

As so many of us are increasingly examining the who-what-wear of our clothes, it’s the perfect time to launch a weekly podcast that promises to pick apart the fashion industry like never before.

Wardrobe Crisis sees journalist and author Clare Press cutting through the fashion speak and bringing the real talk to the table, as she’s joined by experts and industry insiders with a lot to say on the future of fashion – be it fast, slow or somewhere in between.

Determined to avoid trend-based discussion and instead address the real issues facing fashion today (no peplums or peep-toes here), the series looks at ethics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, activism, identity and creativity – examining the unavoidable effect it has on people, planet and our collective psyche. Because as much as we can tell ourselves we’re not part of the fashion system, it’s a $2.4 trillion industry that touches each and every one of us.


Wardrobe Crisis Episode 1 launches on iTunes today, 14 June. You can also listen at