Twinkle Toes

Slip your soles into a gorgeous pair of ALAS handwoven cigar slippers this Christmas, and you’ll be taking a great stride for fashion and for the environment!  ALAS stands for ‘all light, all shadow’, a philosophy that represents both the nature of change and the transparency of the company’s supply chain as it aims to shine a light on manufacturing practices and the use of organically grown cotton. Their latest stunning slipper collection is the result of a collaboration between ethical designer Tara Whalley and a group of Mayan artisans; each pair of shoes is hand dyed using native plants and made from vegetable-tanned leather. They’re hard-soled, so are suitable for wearing inside or out (just as well – you’ll wouldn’t want to keep this fabulous footwear hidden away indoors!). With their striking prints and stylish design, these slippers are sure to put a spring in your step!