The Blissology Project

I consider myself a pragmatic person. No frills for me – I like things spartan, simple and effective. So when the Blissology Project CDs landed on my desk it was a breath of fresh air: Beautiful Living Is Super Simple. Eoin Finn is a practicing yogi, but he considers himself more a ‘Blissologist’ than a yoga teacher. The six CDs he has created are a wonderful way of providing you a space to do some “self” work and incorporate time for meditation and gratitude into your hectic life. Sometimes it is really hard to get off the hamster wheel, and these help you to do just that. It isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

There is a CD for each day of the week (except Sunday) and each CD has a yoga session (you can choose a long/short/advanced/basic version), and a 10 minute meditation session. It also contains a workbook which contains some wonderful reminders of how to slow down and enjoy life, as well as six commitments to check off and comment on:

1 – Yoga
2 – Meditation
3 – Food Awareness
4 – Nature Appreciation
5 – Gratitude
6 – Wild Card (something new and spontaneous to do each week)

I like Eoin. He isn’t patronising, he’s soft and humble, and his voice isn’t at all annoying (believe me – it makes a difference!). If you are having trouble slowing down, and are stressed, the Blissology Project is a great step towards allowing yourself time to smell the roses – and a reminder that time for yourself will make you a happier, healthier and more effective human being!