Power to the Puff: Sustainable Puffer Jackets to Beat the Cold

Have you embraced the sustainable puffer jacket life? There’s just something about cosy coat fashion that gets us all excited for even the slightest drop in temps. 

Maybe it’s the undeniable wrapped-in-a-cloud warmth or perhaps it’s the floaty Michelin-man looks but one cannot deny the power of the puff, no matter your climactic circumstance.

Perhaps you’ve yet to have your forever puffer meet-cute moment – especially if you’re keen to be kind to Mama Earth. Since the powerhouse of a puff’s heat generally comes from a hefty helping of virgin polyester and other fairly harmful man-made fabrics, it’s a hard sell on the environmental front.

But as the icy winds start to blow – and hoo boy, are they blowing – it pays to reconsider your stance on puffer jackets. From recycled poly to organic cotton and biodegradable down and plant-based fill, there’s a new gen of puffers popping up so you can say, “Power to the puff,” with confidence.   


Extra warmth is always welcome, and creative collaboration platform Consequence of Change – who have partnered with Indigenous artist Niketa Law to launch Australia’s first 100% recycled nylon heated puffer coat – have embraced this wholeheartedly. Launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw 52 backers pledge more than $16K, the classic black jacket is lined with Niketa’s exclusive artwork, Barambah Winds, which was inspired by the ever-changing winds in Niketa’s hinterland home. The techy, longline puffer can be transformed into a vest thanks to removable sleeves, it features slick nano heating pads in the back and pockets, and has lots of other sneaky hidey-holes perfect for stashing essentials (ahem, snacks!). Adjust the temp with the press of a button (and four heat settings) on the go, and take that hot, hot heat with you everywhere.


Ain’t no sustainability mountain high enough or cold enough, in the eyes of OG outdoor adventurers Kathmandu. Doubling down on their plan to have “a net zero-waste, sustainable business model by 2025”, the certified B Corp is now tackling the huge amount of fashion waste going to landfill every year. Although the BioDown jacket is made with virgin nylon, Kathmandu asserts that its materials are better than recycled nylon thanks to an ingredient that assists with biodegradation in “the right landfill conditions”. This enzyme transforms the various materials through a chemical process into biomass (organic matter) rather than microplastics within three to five years, as opposed to centuries. And in the name of full transparency, Kathmandu has published its biodegradation research. Not forsaking quality or warmth in the mission to create a sustainable puffer jacket, the BioDown Jacket also features Kathmandu’s “TrackMyDown” technology, which traces every part of a jacket’s filling, making sure no piece of puff is left behind.


Part function, all fashion statement, the Diamond Short Puffer Robe from Suku Home is both a warm coat for the cold, cold world and a marvellous piece of art. Hand-dyed and hand-sewn in Bali and constructed from silky bamboo rayon and vegan polyester filling, wrap yourself up to live the lush robe life inside and outside your house.


You can’t utter the words “sustainable puffer jacket” without talking about planet-friendly fashion pioneers Patagonia. The Grand Papi of the retro-cool puffer, and with more than enough street cred’ to command high resale value, Patagonia’s puffer jackets stand the test of time. For real cowgirl-goes-hiking chic, shrug on the recently redesigned Bivy Jacket – its Western-style yoke adds a nice accent to the modern-day Brokeback Mountain vibes. Made from completely recycled materials – including recycled poly ripstop, recycled duck and goose down reclaimed from down products – the jacket is even sewn under Patagonia’s fair trade program.


Bay Area babes Everlane are all about the forever puffer, and Peppermint founder Kelley can vouch for the brand’s bona fides in this department as the proud owner of a snuggly winter jacket to fight the chill. With a focus on low-impact and recycled material, Everlane is known for its basics and essentials, transparent supply chain and reasonable pricing. The lightweight ReNew Long Liner channels a utilitarian, militaristic simplicity, features a classy quilt detail and is made of 90% recycled materials (everything except the buttons and trims) for packing and puffing from the city to the sea and everywhere in between.


Although an ostentatious puff is always appealing, the practicality of a packable and scrunchable puffer jacket can’t be discounted. Made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles (and reportedly diverting 58 water bottles from landfills) Girlfriend Collective’s Hooded Packable Puffer comes in a lush palette of shades and packs into a nifty inbuilt pocket so you can blaze trails unencumbered.


Loud print lovers need look no further than Gorman for their puff injection. Organic cotton mid-wale corduroy meets down filling to great effect in this bomber-style jacket, splashed with a Rorschach-reminiscent, exclusive Gorman and Rebecca Scibilia for APA print. With an elasticated cuff and hem, it’s great for pairing with jeans or a cute skirt and statement socks during the shoulder seasons and into the big cold.