Staying Sustainable with a Smyle


Peppermint loves being inspired by people who are trying to make a difference, and someone who’s doing just that is Sjana Earp, a Queensland lifestyle blogger who’s passionate about travel, yoga and helping others live their best lives and engage with the world around them. Sjana tackles all kinds of timely topics on her blog, from battling bullying to building confidence and self-esteem. She’s also just come back from soaking up the sights on Contiki‘s European Vista tour, and she shared some advice on healthy, sustainable travel:

What inspires you to travel?

The things I get to experience with my whole being and senses inspire and energise me while I am travelling. Curiosity, knowledge, experience and beauty, there is so much to see and do and learn out there, and I crave travel for just that; the destination is a bonus.

How important is it to you to practise sustainable travel?

Every country and culture have their own economic and environmental problems, and I think it’s very important we all try our best to make positive change and lessen our footprint on the world – the longer this beautiful world is around for, the more people will be able to appreciate it and experience it! I aspire to do what I can to ensure future generations get to share all the beauty that I experience.

Any tips for staying sustainable while travelling? 

It may seem rather simple, but I have found that bins tend to be near and far while travelling! So I do try to keep my own rubbish on me until I find an appropriate place to dispose of it! Eating and shopping locally is also a fun and cultural way of helping to sustain the local economy.

What’s your best tip for staying healthy on holidays?

The best way I have found to keep fit on holidays is incidental exercise, let your curiosity burn calories. Explore cities on foot, choose the stairs over elevators, wake early and walk – find a cozy café or just breathe in the sights, sounds and smells, hire a bike, aim to be outside to experience as many sunrises/sunsets you can possibly see! The little simple things are always the easiest to burn off sneaky holiday treats!

For more top tips and inspiration, check out Sjana’s blog, Smyle, and follow her on Instagram: @Sjanaelise.