Sponsor Spotlight: Vanessa Megan

Certified Organic Australian skincare brand Vanessa Megan is a true labour of love – springing from founder Vanessa Gray’s passion for creating her own chemical-free products. Started in her kitchen in 2001, the range is now available around Australia and internationally. We spoke to Vanessa about inspiration, DIY beauty and the things she’s learnt since the arrival of her new baby girl…

What inspired you to create the Vanessa Megan range? How has it changed since those early days?

My best friend Mel inspired the concept of Vanessa Megan with her phrase: ‘You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat’. This started my quest to find an all-natural skincare brand. In 2001 there was no such thing, so I started making my own products, hence the birth of Vanessa Megan. The brand has grown up since its conception – it hasn’t changed dramatically in its principals, morals or transparency, but it has evolved with new packaging, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) approval and new scientifically proven ingredients, which we are really excited about.

You spend many months researching and formulating each product. What are your bestsellers?

We spend a lot of time making sure our products meet our uncompromising standards. Our bestselling product is, hands down, our Nature’s Elixir Oil (N.E.O.) for the face. This is an intensely nourishing, skin strengthening certified organic facial oil that is known to help assist in replenishing, restoring and promoting skin cell growth, which in turn may help to assist in reducing pigmentation and blemishes, which makes it a great anti-ageing oil. N.E.O.’s certified organic base oils are high in vitamin A, E, P and K, which make this wonderful face oil an organic multivitamin shot for your skin. The essential oils are known to help even skin tone, lift sagging skin and minimise pore size. N.E.O. is our beauty elixir and a definite must-have for every beauty cabinet!

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You often share DIY beauty recipes on your social media channels. Why do you encourage people to make their own products from time to time? 

I want to share my favourite DIY recipes with our customers, so they can see that the best things to use on your skin come from your garden or fridge. This is basically what we do with our products, though they are slightly more complex in their formula. One of my all-time favourite DIY recipes is the yoghurt facial mask. This reduces any redness, thread veins or blemishes and really gives your skin a boost of moisture. It is full of enzymes that really penetrate the skins layers. To make it, apply a thin layer of full cream (organic if possible) yoghurt over your entire face and neck. Leave to dry. Wash off. Notice the difference immediately. It’s like magic on those red spots!

How does your passion for natural beauty influence other areas of your life? Do you have a particular health and wellness routine? 

I don’t exactly have a health and wellness routine, however in our household we aim to eat as organic as possible, use chemical-free cleaning agents and participate in at least three or four physical activities a week. I personally choose yoga, and lately, walking our four-week old girl in the pram for an hour or so. My partner and I are avid meditators (he’s a meditation teacher) so we practice meditation twice a day, which sets us up in the right headspace morning and night, especially before the kids get home from school. 

You’ve recently welcomed your baby girl Winter into the world. What have you learnt since her arrival? What have been your can’t-live-without-them products for both yourself and your little one?

I’ve learnt to slow down! I could have easily powered on a week after her birth, but she isn’t ready for that kind of stimulation. I am taking her lead on things and learning to just sit and watch the world, rather than participate constantly.  I can’t live without our Baby Bum Bum Balm/Nipple Balm. It covers so many of her needs. I really have a new-found respect for this product. For me, I can’t live without our N.E.O. facial oil – it’s my go-to product and best beauty tip!

Win a Vanessa Megan ‘The Holy Trinity’ skincare pack of cream cleanser, rosewater toner and Nature’s Elixir Oil worth $148! To go in the draw, leave a comment below telling us your favourite DIY beauty tip. {Competition closes Thursday 14 August 2014 at 4pm.}

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