Sponsor Spotlight: Electric Body

Electric Body harnesses the power of colostrum in a range of natural products for face and body. We spoke to Jansy Torpy, the Australian distributor, to find out why she fell in love with the range, how colostrum can benefit the skin, and her reasons for introducing the brand to the Australian market…

Tell us about the Electric Body range…

The Electric Body skincare range was initially created to provide healing, rejuvenating and non-toxic skincare for patients suffering from cancer. It is the first ever skincare to use colostrum – the nurturing and life-giving substance that’s a live and active ingredient, similar to probiotic yoghurt. With Electric Body’s holistic approach, ingredients are hand-mixed and vibrationally stacked under a specific protocol, taking a week for each batch to be carefully made.

What’s the philosophy behind the brand?

Electric Body’s primary philosophy is to produce the world’s best biologically advanced, biologically alive, colostrum skin cream to assist the skin in all its needs. The basic premise of this process is not to produce a cream to a price, but to make something that works – that is in perfect harmony with the cellular process we call life. The difference with Electric Body is that the ingredients have been formulated to create a life-giving whole. This supplies an electrical and biological life force to rejuvenate every skin cell when applied to the skin – Electric Body recognises the active ingredients so our bodies know how to use these and return the skin to its optimum condition. The Skin Elixir’s first main ingredient is 86% Colostrum combined with other known healing ingredients such as organic aloe vera, blueberry extract and colloidal silver. It contains 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals, petrochemicals, alcohol, parabens, preservatives, fillers or added water.

Why did you decide to introduce the Electric Body range to Australia? 

I came across it in New Zealand. It was recommended to me from a beauty therapist who had been using many brands over the years and found this one was delivering the outcomes that most didn’t come close to. Once I started using it I knew that it was unique and incredibly special. I have never had the most perfect skin and this was transforming it to a much healthier, vibrant and even skin tone and people were commenting.

What are the benefits of colostrum? 

Colostrum is nature’s most powerful superfood. There is nothing known on earth that is more powerful in its life-giving properties. It contains all amino acids, all the minerals, all the vitamins, in fact all of everything required to kickstart life. Everything about this product is built around the colostrum to support and enhance its effectiveness to rebuild collagen and renew every skin cell. Colostrum rebuilds the two proteins that ageing destroys: collagen and elastin. Colostrum from a grass-fed cow is 200 times more powerful than human colostrum. Our colostrum is sourced from New Zealand grass-fed, naturally grazed cows only.  New Zealand is world renowned for its dairy science and expertise, and is known to produce the most pure and powerful colostrum in the world. Colostrum is collected under the most stringent and ethical processes and only the oversupply is collected from the cow to use for health.

What’s your personal favourite product from the range and why? 

I suppose my favourite would have to be the Skin Elixir because it delivers results and it has a special energy all of its own.  I also love hearing how it has helped and transformed others as well.  However saying that, the Body Spray and Body Polish (face and body exfoliator) are incredible too. I really love all three.

Electric Body is offering Peppermint readers 20% off all products until 31 January 2015 – just use the code PEPPERMINT in the coupon box.

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