Splendour in the Craft 2016 fake it til you make it

Splendour in the Craft 2016

splendour in the grass planting  splenour in the grass indigenous performers

While most come to Splendour In The Grass for the live music and partying, the three-day festival also offers a vast selection of arts, crafts and culture among the chaos! From meditation sessions to Indigenous music and dance, Gyoto Monk sand mandala ceremonies, to crafting workshops – there’s plenty for those after a more low key experience to indulge in. Splendour also aim to encourage more eco conscious decisions for festival goers with ‘eco cops’ on site offering tips on how to create less waste. This year, all organic waste collected from the bins at the festival was organised to be composted at a nearby pig farm.

splendour in the grass sand mandala

As for Splendour In The Craft, the craft tent was alive with a series of exciting workshops this year including Fake It Til You Make It with Rachel Burke of I Make It, You Wear It and The Grates musician Patience Hodgson. Running their upcycling workshop as an inspiration from their mini YouTube series Fancy Free (which they’re planning to create a second season for, so keep your eye out!) the girls provided a range of vintage shirts and opshop sunnies for participants to glam up. Others came ready with their own accessories and took to the crafting table to turn their festival attire into something extra fab. Through the workshop and via their YouTube channel, Rachel and Patience are huge advocates for slowing the fast fashion cycle by shopping secondhand and upcycling current threads, and we’re totally with them. As the pair say, why dish out the extra dollars when you could have a blast redesigning your favourite bag or tee, making them look super fancy?! Thanks for the splendid times!

Splendour in the Craft

Splendour in the Craft 2016 crafters

Photo credits in order of appearance: Stills In Time, Savannah Van Der Niet, Emilie Guillemain.