Image courtesy of Back of the Wardrobe

Second-hand Style

Image courtesy of Back of the Wardrobe

London Fashion Week kicks off in a matter of days, and it’s not all about catwalk-fresh couture: this Saturday 13 September, the British Red Cross is collaborating with the thrifty stylists at Back of the Wardrobe to recreate LWF looks at a fraction of the price. The event will take place in a British Red Cross charity shop, where Back of the Wardrobe stylist Emma Slade Edmondson will recreate LWF designer outfits just moments after they appear on the SS15 LWF live stream; her efforts will be captured by fashion photographer Claire Pepper. Emma’s resources? You guessed it – the contents of the British Red Cross shop. Using a combination of creativity and charity shop finds, Emma will demonstrate that you don’t need a bottomless budget to dress well and that sustainable second-hand shopping can be just as on-trend as the latest designer pieces.

The project also sends an important environmental message. As Emma points out, ‘If we all extended the active use of our clothes for just three months, we could each cut down on our carbon and water and waste footprint by up to 10%’. Using clothes that have already been produced rather than constantly buying new garments means we can reduce the amount of clothing landfill and prevent the exploitation of workers in the name of fast fashion.

Catch the action this weekend and pick up some stylish tips and inspiration by visiting Back of the Wardrobe online and following @backofwardrobe and @BritishRedCross on Instagram and Twitter. And now might be the perfect time to go rifling through the back of your own wardrobe to find some unwanted clothing to donate to your local charity shop!

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