Seamless Showcase

We’re officially declaring 2012 the year of sustainable fashion. Forget any misread apocalyptic predictions the world’s bloody end – this year the good stuff is only just beginning. There are so many exciting events we can barely keep up, so we better tell you about tomorrow’s Seamless showcase quick smart. Giving the LMFF program a run for its money, Seamless brings together Brisbane’s best in sustainable and emerging fashion for a night of design, discussion and helpful direction on running successful, environmentally-responsible businesses. Featuring Holloway Eyewear, Nico Underwear, Baumbach and more, supported by local bands and artists, Seamless promises to be “a great excuse for everyone to get together, look at amazing creations and inform others of the talent in Brisbane.” Sounds like our cup of tea! Seamless takes place at The Rabbit Hole, West End on Friday March 2nd from 6-9pm.