Say Pants to Poverty

The UK’s leading sustainable underwear brand, Pants to Poverty, have some pantastic news: this month, they launched their New Fashion Revolution Collection, and it’s full of their trademark bright and cheery undies that are as kind to the planet as they are to your privates.

Pants to Poverty began in 2005 as part of the Make Poverty History campaign; since then, the company’s been making organic, fairtrade underwear that now sells in over 20 countries. Most importantly, they’ve helped develop a transformational business model that benefits everyone involved: their cotton seeds come from plantations at Indian universities and are distributed to tribal farmers in Odisha for some organic nourishment; then, once the seeds have sprouted, they’re picked and cleaned and sent to an organic, carbon-neutral factory, where workers who get a fair and living wage turn them into perfect pairs of pants.

Pants to Poverty is a great example of what can happen when innovation meets awareness. As well as offering a range of stylish solutions for preserving your modesty, the brand has also established several projects designed to help improve working and living conditions for farmers in India, from boosting literacy rates to establishing rainwater harvesting infrastructure; they also took part in this year’s Fashion Revolution Day campaign. Bottoms up to making poverty history!

Image courtesy of Pants to Poverty, shot by our very own Rachel Manns.