Return of the Garbage Glamour

Fancy yourself a bit of a creative? Find yourself collecting old bits and bobs to one day transform into that incredible fashion creation? Well now is the time! The Australian Museum’s Fashion Less Waste competition, whose finalists were featured on the pages of Peppermint last Spring, is on again.

Aiming to highlight a more sustainable world by considering nature and all its glory, this year entrants are invited to be inspired by – insert spooky voiceover – “creatures of the deep ocean”… Judges on the 2012 panel include Akira Isogawa, Louise Olsen and Peppermint , and finalists will have their creations featured at a Gala catwalk event at the Museum in July, with a selection also displayed throughout Sydney’s Strand Arcade, Reverse Garbage and the Museum itself in the weeks beyond. If you’re keen to take part, time to start watching those David Attenborough docos, visit the aquarium or just start stitching that eight-legged octopus jumpsuit you’ve always dreamed of! Just remember – make it out of something recycled! (Entries close 5pm, May 8th 2012 and include Secondary and Open categories).