The Get Redressed Challenge

Redress For Success

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? We love this new initiative from Hong Kong-based NGO, Redress. The one-year Get Redressed challenge urges: “Redress it, don’t bin it,” and encourages you to think about the impact your wardrobe has on the environment. Every month Redress will set a new sustainable fashion theme, such as LBD, swapping, DIY and reconstruction. They’ll also have fashion leaders and sustainability advocates fronting the challenge to inspire people to make smarter, more sustainable choices. This wonderful project builds on the 365 Challenge undertaken by Redress Founder Cristina Dean, who wore only dumped or discarded secondhand clothing every single day of last year. You can join this year’s challenge and get redressed here. Alternatively, you can seek out style inspiration or share your creations by using the hashtag #GetRedressed. We can’t wait to see your looks!