Red Carpet, Green Tux


The 86th Academy Awards will hit our screens here in Australia on Monday morning, and naturally all eyes will be drawn to the red carpet! This year, Hollywood heartthrob Kellan Lutz has announced he’ll be making his own fashion statement by wearing a sustainable tuxedo made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles – the first ever green tux to feature at the Oscars. Designed by New Zealander Jormnan Dul, the tuxedo is the winning menswear design from the Red Carpet, Green Dress Challenge, a competition that encourages designers worldwide to create red carpet-worthy pieces. As one of the winners, Dul will now be mentored by American fashion designer and artist Jeff Garner, who has won numerous awards for his innovative, eco friendly designs, and was named ‘Eco Designer of the Year’ by GQ Magazine in 2010 and 2012. The Red Carpet, Green Dress Challenge is the brainchild of Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of director James Cameron) who has recently hinted that she may soon be creating her own sustainable fashion line. We’ll be watching in anticipation for any other eco chic designs at this year’s ceremony!