In Conversation: Peppermint x Clare Press – Tuesday 14 November 2023



Join Peppermint Editor Lauren Baxter in conversation with sustainable fashion expert and author Clare Press.

DATE: Tuesday 14 November

TIME: 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start (60 minutes)

WHERE: Avid Reader,  193 Boundary Street West End QLD

Every attendee will receive a copy of Peppermint with their ticket!

About the book…

What will you be wearing tomorrow? Will your jacket have been grown in a lab, or your jeans coloured using bacteria? Will we still have shops? What does the future of work look like for the people who make our garments?

Wear Next presents a crystal ball look into tomorrow’s wardrobe, imagining 16 scenarios likely to shape our fashion futures, from conscious, fair, slow and upcycled to biointelligent and digital.

We all know that the current fashion system is wasteful, environmentally harmful and exploitative. If we carry on as we do now, it could account for a quarter of global emissions by 2050. Now it’s time for solutions. They already exist! Creative thinkers are dreaming up new ways to craft our sartorial identities that don’t wreck the planet.

Clare Press, presenter of the much loved Wardrobe Crisis podcast, introduces us to fascinating innovators around the globe who are redesigning fashion from the ground up, and changing it in the most fundamental ways.


About the author…

Clare Press is a global expert on sustainable fashion. Her podcast Wardrobe Crisis, based on her 2016 book of the same name, has clocked up 2 million downloads and is about to begin its ninth series. She also co-hosts the UN’s Ethical Fashion podcast.

A former magazine journalist, Clare pioneered the role of sustainability editor at Vogue, and her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Vogue Italia, Business of Fashion and many more. She is the author of Rise & Resist: How to Change the World, and is currently directing her first documentary.



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