Life in Plastic, Not So Fantastic: 12 Products to Help You Scrub Plastic From Your Laundry

What month is it again? While mentally we might still be stuck in 2019, Father Time keeps ticking away and all hands are pointing to Plastic Free July. 2022 sees the initiative in its twelfth year as millions of people around the globe join the pledge to reduce their plastic waste.⁠⁠

We know you’re already shunning plastic straws and remembering your reusables, but this Plastic Free July, we thought we’d take a journey through the home, eliminating plastic in each room as we go. Of course, the most sustainable products are the ones you already have on hand, but there’s no better time to share some love to the brands out there fighting the war on waste, all year round. Next in the series… the laundry for all things cleaning. 

Does anyone here actually like doing laundry? If so, we have a couple of piles we’d be more than happy to send your way… In all seriousness though, when it comes to cleaning, life can sometimes get in the way and good eco habits can start to slide. We get it. Here are a few brands we love who can help clean up your act.

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No one likes doing the laundry but dissolvable, plastic-free, plant-based detergent strips from Enviroclean that you just chuck into the wash do make the whole Mount Washmore challenge slightly more enticing…


This female-founded, B Corp-certified cleaning brand is on a mission to change the way you clean your home. Using plant-based surfactants and essential oils, Pleasant State’s Australian-made, just-add-water concentrated cleaning bars look good, smell good and do good. Two percent of all sales is donated to clean up our ocean. 

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Home to a wonderland of sustainable goodies from more than 400 brands – including lots of small Aussie makers – Biome operates across six bricks-and-mortar stores and an online marketplace brimming with eco solutions. Offering plastic-free orders and carbon offsetting shipping, the team is dedicated to making sustainability work for you.


Sleek and minimal, The Dirt Company’s liquid laundry concentrate in a glass pump bottle is a weekly washing triumph. Return the reduced-plastic refill packs by subscription to be refilled, for a truly clean planet.


Don’t be fooled by Ethique’s household cleaners’ chocolate-like appearance. These snappable, multipurpose concentrates pack a seriously sweet cleaning punch – simply melt and pour into a bottle.


All natural and organic, these innovative wool dryer balls from Munch offer a chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls. And because of the wool balls’ natural anti-static, they reduce wrinkles, lint, and the need to iron your clothes. 

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You have to hand it to Baresop – their plant-based, vegan hand wash powder, in a home-compostable sachet, deserves a high five. Mix with water and add to the foaming pump bottle, made from recycled ocean waste.


Sexy sells! And these clever tablets keep selling out. With a ‘just add water’ foaming formula, light aloe scent and ultra-cool glass bottles, we’re not surprised that the Australian company is… getting busy.


Found at Coles, Cove’s plant-based cleaners are packaged in reusable and infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles and lightweight pouches that can be REDcycled, creating a system where plastic is over and out.


The brainchild of three science-loving sisters, Ecyo pods take the guesswork out of plastic-free DIY cleaning. BYO bottle, warm water and dirty house – the biodegradable, dissolvable pods do the rest. Well, almost…


Circle up, earth-lovers! Zero Co wants to rid your home of single-use plastic with its “order-deliver-refill-return” system. Cleaning, laundry, dishwash and body wash, all in bottles and refill packs made from recycled plastic.


Grab your own bottle and refill at One Less Bottle’s vending machine refill stations in Melbourne. Elsewhere head to a Coles in NSW offering EcoStore refills, or try Biome in Brisbane, The Source Bulk Foods nationally or a local bulk store.