Life in Plastic, Not So Fantastic: 13 Products to Help You Flush Plastic from Your Bathroom

What month is it again? While mentally we might still be stuck in 2019, Father Time keeps ticking away and all hands are pointing to Plastic Free July. 2022 sees the initiative in its twelfth year as millions of people around the globe join the pledge to reduce their plastic waste.⁠

We know you’re already shunning plastic straws and remembering your reusables, but this Plastic Free July, we thought we’d take a journey through the home, eliminating plastic in each room as we go. Of course, the most sustainable products are the ones you already have on hand, but there’s no better time to share some love to the brands out there fighting the war on waste, all year round. First up… the ol’ water closet. 

Bathrooms: they’re a fact of life, and most of us don’t think twice when we pay our daily visits to the porcelain throne. Sadly, the shittiest room of the house tends to generate a shitty amount of plastic. Never fear! Whether you’ve already given single-use the flush (metaphorically people, think of the fishies!) or are just getting started, here are a few brands we love who are cleaning up your act. 


Social enterprise Who Gives A Crap certainly do just that – they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need and improve sanitation in the developing world. They also aim to save trees, water and energy with their 100% recycled toilet paper, wrapped in paper, not plastic, that’s delivered to your door with an ongoing subscription – meaning you’ll never have to make an emergency supermarket dash again. For discerning derrières, their premium bamboo range has a lower impact than virgin pulp paper.


Yep, reusable toilet paper is a thing – and judging by a quick Google search, it’s not a thing the internet is down with. However, it’s our job to let you know what your options are, and this is one of them. There’s a plethora of ‘unpaper’ options on the web – essentially glorified wash cloths in squares or snapped-together rolls to be washed and reused. Fan(ny)s worldwide extol their softness, and their money- and planet-saving virtues.


Menstruators, rejoice: the original purveyors of period- and pee-proof undies Modibodi are now selling innovative biodegradable briefs. These world-first, leak-proof smalls are made using a blend of super-soft Tencel, bamboo and merino wool, and you can wash them more than 100 times (that’s a whopping eight years of monthly visits from Aunt Flow) before they reach the end of their usable life. Five years in landfill and, voila, they’ll have disappeared, along with all that tampon and pad waste you’re no longer generating. Hurrah for the magic of science!


Single-use plastic stinks but your pits don’t have to. This zero-plastic, paraben-free roll-on deodorant from Wild comes housed in a refillable aluminium case. Fragranced using only natural ingredients, it offers a sweet scent while being gentle and effective on the skin. And when you find yourself finishing it, just pick up a refill packaged in compostable materials!


The zero-plastic, zero-waste heroes at Ethique have long given plastic the flick. Since 2012 the team has been creating haircare, skincare, body care and more in solid bar form, all delivered in compostable packaging. Get on board the solid beauty train, friends; the planet will thank you.


Online eco-store Plant & Prosper stocks a sizeable range of beauty, bathroom and kitchen goods to inspire zero-waste living. Dedicated to helping others eradicate single-use plastic, a partnership with One Tree Planted sees the brand plant a tree for every one of its signature safety razors sold.


Providing “progressive” period products since 2005, Moxie works to care for Mother Earth as gently as it cares for your uterus. The latest Moxie Organics range of pads and tampons is made with GOTS-certified, biodegradable cotton from tip to string end. Scrapping plastic packaging that pervades landfills, the tampons are wrapped in recyclable paper while the pads and liners are swaddled in compostable film made from non-genetically modified corn starch and popped in a recyclable box. Plus the factory where their tampons are made runs entirely on water – talk about the power of flow!

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Poverty-fighting brand Thankyou has raised the bar with its collection of plastic-free products. Solid body bars, along with lotion, shampoo and conditioner bars, are made with recirculated water and come packaged in recycled cardboard. With sustainably sourced and naturally derived ingredients – think lemon myrtle and poppy seeds, green clay and hemp seed oil – the bars also come at an accessible price-point making it easy to wash away waste!


Forget a 12-step routine, skincare should be both simple and effective as Burleigh Heads brand Sabbia Co proves. Frustrated by a sea of single-use, Katie Eales and Dave Tingle set out to create a line of facial kits that clean using only water. How, you ask? Made of konjac plant roots with either bamboo charcoal, green tea or turmeric, the biodegradable sponges cleanse and gently exfoliate away dirt and makeup. They’re sold alongside sustainably sourced skincare – all Australian made, vegan and packaged in recyclable glass bottles. Keep it simple stupid and kiss unnecessary products, and single-use plastic, goodbye!


There’s just something about these cute, three-in-one ‘lip-to-lid’ Balmies from Axiology that cries out for bathroom staple status. Made for lips, eyes and cheeks using natural butters and oils, the zero-waste, vegan crayons, in a range of luscious hues, are making our childhood colouring-in dreams come true.


Banish plastic from your beauty and bathroom routine forever with the zero-waste offerings from Seed & Sprout. Hairbrushes, loofahs, makeup removers, toothbrushes, cotton buds and more – all designed to help you cleanse yourself and the ever-pervasive plastic from your life (and landfill).


The fine folk at LastObject know a thing or two about going plastic-free. After raising over $1.3 million in crowdfunding for their reusable q-tip, they’ve gone on to create such waste-busting products as reusable tissue packs, makeup removers and pads. Since launching in 2019, the brand estimates they’ve eliminated over 3 billion single-use items! 


With no plastic, parabens or palm oil, these vegan non-soap bars from NueBar use natural and organic ingredients to cleanse your face, body and hair. To address disability inclusivity, the bars are embossed with letters to assist the vision impaired.

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