Organics for the Office

Have a wardrobe full of organic cotton t-shirts but struggle to find something stylish and sustainable for the office? Elsa and Me was developed to answer this very dilemma. Founded by Swedish-born, Brooklyn-based Maja Svensson, Elsa and Me offers one classic dress in a variety of colours to fit a wide range of occasions. You can purchase one of these creations online and each one is made to order, but Maja also visits lots of offices and homes, as she says it helps to cultivate a direct relationship between her customers and business – something that is missing in our ‘fast fashion’ culture. The dresses themselves are made with organic cotton, are produced locally in New York City and are versatile enough that they won’t go out of style in one season. Maja is currently working on plans for a sleeveless version of the same design for a 2013 release. These dresses are so delightful and comfortable, I have even picked up two for myself!