Never ever pay retail and Peppermint: op shopping denim jacket

Op Shop Gold: One Jacket, Five Ways

We love op shopping, you love op shopping, we all love op shopping, right?! For Hannah Klose, aka the gal behind Never Ever Pay Retail, op shopping’s an all-consuming passion – and she’s on a one-woman mission to prove we can find everything we’ll ever need down at our local thrifty. Luckily for us, Hannah’s here to share some wisdom on how to turn one woman’s trash into your most treasured outfit – starting with the ways a basic denim jacket can jazz up pretty much everything you already own. Hurrah! 

Forget buying your first home, a thrifted denim jacket could be the best investment you’ll ever make and you don’t even have to give up smashed avocado on toast for it!

I thrifted my two jackets at a clothes swap and in the kids section of an op shop (you really do have to shop every rack people), and they came to a total of $2.70 all up. I can’t even calculate what the price per wear would be because I’ve worn them so many times… pretty sure I’ve clocked up at least #30wears!

And what’s not to love about them? Denim jackets work with so many looks and styles… you can dress them up with sequins, or keep it casual and team them with a pair of sneaks. They’re the secondhand staple that works overtime – I might be so obsessed with denim jackets I’ve come up with five ways for you to work them into your sustainable style arsenal…

Layer it up
As the days get colder take a lesson from the onion and sneak in ALL the layers under your jacket. And if you have something really fetch to show off underneath, why not wear it as a cape?

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Block it out
A really easy way to make your jacket pop is to pair it with all black or all white errythang. If you’re feeling too plain Jane though, tie a bandana or vintage scarf on your handbag to break things up.

Play with proportions
Some vintage denim jackets can be slightly bulky thanks to the oversized shoulder obsession of the 80s, so streamline your look with some skinny jeans or a mini skirt. Or if you find a more fitted jacket in the kids section like me, put it with a pleat midi.

Pair it with prints
Denim jackets are so versatile, they’ll literally go with any pattern you throw at them. Try polka dots, florals, stripes or a little bit of leopard if you really want to level up.

 Pair it with prints Denim jackets are so versatile they will literally go with any pattern you throw at them. Try polka dots, florals, stripes or a little bit of leopard if you really want to level up. 

Denim on denim
If you can find denim pieces in similar shades, double down in a Canadian tuxedo! Break up the blues with a fresh white tee or go for the trifecta and make it triple denim with a chambray shirt.

If you don’t already have a denim jacket then it might be time to get thrifting! This op shop locator  is super handy for second hand hunting, and don’t forget to get your head in the game with these top ten thrifting tips and tricks. Don’t forget to tag @nevereverpayretail on Insta – I can’t wait to see what you find!