SWOP West End

One-Stop Swap Shop

You know those clothes that are sitting forlornly in your wardrobe just waiting to be worn again? It’s time to set them free and give them a new life with the help of SWOP in Brisbane’s West End. This little gem situated behind the old Absoe building is a treasure trove of loveliness where you can sell, swap and buy both vintage and modern apparel – and the best part is, you never know what you might find there! Owners Brigid and Bethany were inspired to start the venture after visiting a number of clothing exchanges on their overseas travels.

“We’ve always questioned why clothing exchanges weren’t common here in Australia, as a lot of fashion has become very momentary, costly and wasteful – and we wanted to change that,” explains Brigid. “That’s why we took a chance and opened SWOP. For us SWOP encapsulates everything fashion should be: personal, eclectic, loved and inexpensive. Our objective is to create an affordable and sustainable haven – somewhere beautiful clothes can be salvaged traded and bought, slowly eradicating the world of wastefulness, fast fashion and mass conformity.”

The SWOP team buys on Fridays, and you can choose to take cash at 25% of the sale price or get 50% store credit to exchange your old threads for new – it’s completely up to you. Check out the selling guidelines on their website, and start ‘swopping’ your way to sustainable wardrobe heaven!