Lush Life

Lush Sexypeel Soap

You’d be forgiven for wandering past a LUSH store and mistaking the colourful goodies inside for cakes and candies. Their pretty soaps and cosmetics – handmade, environmentally sustainable, animal friendly and responsibly packaged – certainly look near good enough to eat (DON’T though, they’re still soaps!). The beauty brand’s eco practices are in fact so ahead of the pack that they have just been applauded on a national scale, taking out the 2013 Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability. Naked packaging is at the core of LUSH’s practice, which means many of the products have no packaging at all, and those that need to be wrapped up are done so in 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials (including fabric!). They also use a palm oil-free soap base, make a firm stand against animal testing and raise money for grassroots organisations working for environmental, animal and human rights. A well-deserved win for Lush and a well-deserved bath for the rest of us!