Isabel Lucas Outland Denim Alchemy

Isabel Lucas x Outland Denim

We love it when two of our faves come together for a great cause – so when actress, environmentalist and climate change campaigner Isabel Lucas teamed up with ethical fashion powerhouse Outland Denim for their new Alchemy range, we knew it would be a goodie. On the eve of the range’s launch this week, we caught up with Isabel to chat all things sustainability, shopping and her own personal style.

Tell us about your collaboration with Outland Denim. 

I was approached by Outland to be a part of this campaign, and it’s so exciting to partner with a brand that I wholeheartedly believe in. Their collection is elegant, sexy and refined and they create with purpose and such a high standard of integrity. It’s so attractive. Ticks all the boxes.

What do you most love about the Alchemy collection, and Outland in general?

The Alchemy collection is just beautiful, with clean lines and an array of shapes. What I love about Outland Denim is they create fashion with the planet in mind, and I love wearing Outland because I’m assured it has been made with integrity and by people who are being paid fairly (and who were once shockingly exploited but are now are back at work). Plus their materials are sustainably sourced and ethically made.

Isabel Lucas Outland Denim Alchemy

Why is supporting fashion with a purpose so important to you?

One million plastic bags are used every minute and never used again and cheap, mass-produced clothing is following a similar path. The fashion industry has an immense opportunity to change and become a frontline leader for reducing emissions and becoming symbiotic with nature. Science shows us we can’t exist on this planet with a nearly dead ocean… Climate change impacts are currently seeing the ocean rise at an average rate of 3.2mm per year, and that rise has the potential to reach several meters over the next few centuries. I believe anything’s possible. Climate change is an issue that affects everyone at every level – no matter how rich you are or where you live on the planet, we’re all in this together, so there’s an opportunity for this to be a really unifying thing for the world.

How does ethical fashion intersect with your broader values?

My acting coach always says, “How we do art, is how we do life – and how we do life is how we do art.” We can apply this to everything. It’s all intrinsically connected. Ethical fashion means it has been made with fair pay to the workers, this is what the Outland Denim brand is all about. Their conscience is impressive and inspiring, and they’re true leaders, being the change. I hope those who buy Outland Denim treasure their pieces and and wear them for years and years to come – whilst not taking part in exploitation and also reducing waste.

Why do you think it’s important to use your platform to lobby for change?

I am a voice among many, and if more and more people choose to speak up we may create the change we need so urgently. As Margaret Mead says, “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” At least two-thirds of the world’s fish population is suffering from plastic ingestion. Shoppers worldwide use 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year (about a million bags a minute). Plastic is made of petrochemicals and these chemicals leach into our waterways and enter our food chain. So there are many, many reasons why I think it’s important to use the platform I have.

Isabel Lucas Outland Denim AlchemyHow would you describe your style?

I asked my girlfriend for advice on this question, because I get asked it a lot. She said my style is “effortless, textured and feminine”. Like all of us, I guess it changes depending on my mood. Sometimes I prefer stylish and sophisticated simple clothes, and more practical, masculine cuts and jeans. Other times I love a white lace dress. I also have some pieces that I’ve had literally since my childhood, just because they make me feel that sweet nostalgia. I think it’s worth hanging on to pieces you like – sometimes you may wear them years later.

What kind of shopper are you – how do you choose the pieces you buy for your own wardrobe?

I love to discover pieces on my travels. I don’t really prioritise clothes shopping, mostly because I don’t have the time for it and I try to not buy on impulse. If I see something I like I often check what I already have and may go back and buy it later, and I’m so lucky to be gifted many beautiful clothes. When I shop, I love natural fiber clothing. 99% of the time I buy organic cotton, linen (made from flax), silk and hemp. They are all the most environmentally intelligent, because they’ll actually break down one day, if and when they’re in landfill. Synthetic fibers like nylon have no way of breaking down. Let’s keep in mind, every 10 minutes in Australia 600kg of textile fabric ends up in landfill or is incinerated. In America alone, 13 trillion tones of fashion are discarded into landfill each year – so I’m obviously drawn to brands that create with a conscience.

Finally, what are your favourite pieces from Outland Denim?

I love the relaxed Rachel jeans in the new Outland Alchemy F19 collection, they’re less fitted and the classic light blue denim. I can dress them up for work or be more relaxed for weekend. The Georgia Overalls in this collection are sweet – in fact everything, I love all the designs!