How dirty is your closet?

How Dirty Is Your Closet?

We love our wardrobes but do our wardrobes love the planet? It’s a sad truth that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. To help us understand how our fashion choices contribute to climate change, thredUp – the world’s largest online secondhand shop – has released an interactive online calculator that helps you determine your fashion footprint.

“While it’s universally known that fashion pollution is a problem, we were surprised to find that most consumers don’t think their individual clothing choices matter,” said thredUP’s VP of Integrated Marketing Erin Wallace.

“We know most consumers want to do better, but aren’t sure how. thredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator aims to show how each one of us can play a role in reducing the carbon footprint of our individual closets to collectively create a more sustainable fashion future. The more we understand the impact of our fashion choices, the easier it is to make smart decisions.”

How dirty is your closet?

With an aim of educating consumers about the carbon impacts of their clothing habits, the quiz reveals the total amount of carbon your closet generates annually and how this compares to the average consumer, all while providing tips on how to reduce your footprint.

By answering a series of questions such as how often you buy clothing, whether your purchases are made online or in-store and how often you wash your clothes, you’ll find out how your fashion habits contribute to global emissions.