Honey to the Bee

Bees and feet might not sound like the most natural of bedfellows, but Honeybees aren’t your ordinary footwear. Uniting two passions – preservation of Australia’s bee population and modern Aussie footwear – the team behind My Honeybees are focused on raising awareness about the importance of bees to our ecosystem, one pair of thongs at a time.

Honeybees help raise funds to support research by the Bees Downunder foundation – a vital resource to protecting bees against the varroa mite and ensuring their survival across the world. Summer might be over in some parts of the country but in Queensland, thongs are a year-round wardrobe staple! Honeybees summer palette of sweet bloom-inspired pastels – Peony, Gardenia and Forget Me Not to name a few – all come in Honeybees unique comfy thong style. Slip into a pair and help spread the buzz!