Mamma Mia! Your Ultimate Guide to a Heartfelt, Handmade Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, maybe you’re hesitant to wade into the blatant disposable consumerism of novelty mugs and cheap bath bombs. Maybe you’ve just forgotten to buy a present altogether. Never fear! Why not make her something handmade instead?!

After all, your mother may have been one of the first people to tell you that a gift made from the heart counts the most, so she has to at least pretend to appreciate the gesture! And if you follow our guide to the killer Mother’s Day combo, your mama will be feeling so thoughtfully appreciated, she won’t have to fake it! 


To start with, you’ve got to make a killer card. A handmade card is an instant heart melter. And we’re not talking crayon scribbles anymore. The culmination of all human creativity is at your disposal via the desultory medium of the internet – there are card tutorials out there that will have your mum saying, “Woah, you made this?” Case in point – this amazing papercut art card Studio Flos created exclusively for Peppermint

Also check out this incredible pop up card from The House That Lars Built. Once you were small enough that your mum could hold you in her hands (wait, how small are babies?) and now you are walking and talking around like a real person – isn’t that weird? Write in a few heartfelt words to showcase how well that literacy she taught you stuck and you’re off to a terrific start. 


Peppermint has previously posited the environmental pitfalls of that Mother’s Day staple – a beautiful bouquet of flowers – and we have the solution! A list of sustainable florists with green minds to match their green thumbs. 

If you’re worried about rough winds shaking your darling buds of May, you can opt for the more permanent alternative of crafting some paper flowers. Lia Griffith is a paper flower extraordinaire and her website has tutorials for every possible plant under the sun, from Birds of Paradise to Venus Fly Traps. If your mothers has a favourite flower you could no doubt find it in there and make her a perfect paper replica to treasure forever. And if you can’t make it to a craft store to pick up some crepe paper in time, Handmade by Sarah Kim has a tutorial on how to make beautiful paper flowers from recycled materials you could find around your house and in your bin!


A lot of Mother’s Day gifts are themed around “self-care”. Why is that, do you think? Are we trying to repay our mothers in kind for taking care of us? Are we attempting to combat the societal reality that women, particularly caregivers, tend to deprioritise themselves and their wellbeing in order to tend to those around them? Who’s to say! If you want your mum to relax and take some time for herself why not gift her some sweet me-made threads for kicking back in? 

Peppermint’s Loungewear Set or Robe Jacket both make for some cuddly, comfy casual wear that will have your mum feeling stylish and serene. If that feels overly ambitious to whip up in a couple of days, you can go for a smaller project like a soothing lavender eye pillow or a spa’s worth of DIY zero-waste beauty products

Even if you don’t pick up any of these sweet tricks to wow your mama, all you really have to do is drop her a line and let her know you’re thinking of her! Mum’s the word…