Green Eileen

Green Eileen 1

American designer Eileen Fisher (who conveniently ships to Australia!) has recently introduced Green Eileen, a recycled clothing initiative. It works on the basis that people buy gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing as a way to reduce their environmental impact, but also support programs that enhance the lives of girls and women in their own communities and beyond. The Green Eileen experiment began in 2009, born out of a deep belief in sustainability and a strong commitment to fund programs that bring systematic and meaningful social change. Customers in a limited number of Eileen Fisher stores were asked to recycle clothes they no longer wore, for a five dollar credit and a tax receipt. And from there the concept blossomed into what it is today. Green Eileen opened two stores, in Seattle and New York, earlier this year and sales have been going strong. In fact, since the program started, over a million dollars has been raised for charitable causes. Read more about the program and the brand’s sustainability story on their website!