Butterfly Foundation

Give Bad Body Image the Flick

One of the most insidious issues affecting people from all walks of life, eating disorders are the deadliest of all psychiatric illnesses. With more than 1 million Australians having suffered from an eating disorder in 2014, it’s a problem that seems at once too big and too personal to tackle. But there are things we can do as a community to celebrate diversity and take a stand against body shaming. The annual Don’t DIS My Appearance appeal raises precious funds for The Butterfly Foundation by urging us to shake off negative stereotypes and give bad body image the flick. There is a fresh crop of famous faces fronting this year’s TV campaign, including Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Brooke Satchwell and artist Ken Done, but the movement relies on people power to spread its core message. Celebrate your own colourful character by painting your middle fingernail – a small gesture that’s designed to spark conversation with peers and strangers alike. Donations raised throughout May, including 100% of profits from the online sale of Faby 5-free nail polish, will go towards mental health research and frontline support services. Put your finger on the pulse of another great campaign and help bring healthy body image back into daily dialogue.