Gift of Vision

panda sunglasses

Everyone knows pandas are cute, but they don’t usually rank too highly when it comes to style inspiration – except in the case of Panda Sunglasses from the team at WearPanda. No, they’re not eyewear for the rare furry creatures, but a brand of sunnies with super-sustainable bamboo frames in a range of styles and colours that just happen to be so light that they float. Launched last year by a group of friends with the help of crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the brand offers style, substance, and warm fuzzies somewhat similar to a hug from the cuddly-looking star of its logo. Because for every pair of shades purchased, WearPanda provides a free eye exam and eyewear to a person in need through the Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Foundation (TOMA). And if that weren’t eye-opening enough, Panda Sunglasses are offering a 20% discount for Peppermint readers until February 4th, 2013. Simply enter the code PANDA20 when you shop online at SOSUME here!