Garage Sale Trail

If your wardrobe’s overstuffed, your spare room imprisoned by boxes, and your car is now the only thing providing much needed storage space, then we think it’s time to get onboard for this weekend’s national Garage Sale Trail. Launching with a glittery homemade sign and a flourish of coloured balloons, this Sunday, April 10, sees the whole country clear out their clutter, open up their garage doors, and say ‘Hello! Come in! I hope you find something you like!’ If you’re not up for a garage sale on your own, then there’ll be plenty of bargains to browse on the day, or you could even join forces with friends, family or neighbours to create a communal sale. This year The Garage Sale Trail has also attracted the support of designers from One Teaspoon and Volcom, as well artists Jase Salisbury and Mia Taninaka, photographer Justin Crawford, designer Sam Stewart and a whole host of musicians. Pip Edwards from Sass and Bide will also hold a fashion garage sale on the day, alongside her buddies stylist Emily McGregor, Amelia Stanley and fashion heavyweight Fernardo Frisoni. So if you’ve been procrastinating that declutter for too long, now’s the perfect time to make it happen.