Follow the Leader

We spend much of our lives at work, and, thankfully, more and more companies are cottoning on to the fact that mindfulness can work wonders for productivity rates, job satisfaction, happiness levels and general wellbeing – with Google, Yahoo! and other tech giants investing in lunchtime meditation sessions and mindfulness education for their staff. But what difference could mindful leadership make to people’s professional lives and overall satisfaction levels?

Organised by Sydney-based organisation Wake Up Project (see our interview with founder Jono Fisher in our current kindness-themed Issue 26), the upcoming Mindful Leadership Forum aims to explore this topic and give people the tools they need to ‘create well-being, innovation and productivity in your workplace’. Aimed at business leaders, executives, academics, consultants, professionals across all sectors and anyone in charge of leading a team, the forum features talks from leaders in the fields of business, science, the arts and society – including Marc Lesser from Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Anakha Coman of Intel’s Awake@Intel mindfulness program, and the mind trainers for the South Sydney Rabbitohs  – exploring key areas such as self-awareness, authenticity and compassion.

This two-day event runs from 27 to 28 August in Sydney – get your tickets here and learn more about injecting a little mindfulness into your management style, bringing out the best in your people and encouraging others in the industry to follow your lead.