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Four fave sustainability podcasts

Whether you’re going for a walk, doing the dishes or just in dire need of some non-screen-based relaxation time, the humble podcast can be a mighty fine way of being entertained and educated all at the same time (throw in exercise too and you’re virtually achieving sainthood). With those lofty ambitions at the forefront of our buzzing minds, here’s our round-up of the best sustainable living podcasts around. Enjoy! 

The Slow Home

This podcast (from the currently slow-travelling Brooke McAlary, who we spoke to in Issue 36’s Living with Less feature), is an ideal reminder that a life slowed-down is a life you actually have time to enjoy. Born of her desire to simplify her life and crank up her contentment, the podcast involves Brooke having a good old chat to likeminded folk about how they make it work, and includes practical tips on how to take life into the slow lane, for good.

Eco Chat

Laura Trotta’s an environmental engineer and sustainability expert – which sounds like it would make for an uber-serious podcast, but no! Her fun, inspirational podcast aims prove you can live a sustainable life without giving up your lifestyle, and bring all things green into the mainstream.


Think Sustainability

This Aussie podcast tackles both large-scale and homegrown issues, with episodes on everything from the sustainability of veganism to Australia’s war on feral cats. They also ask the question ‘Whatever happened to acid rain?’ – which is a very good question. We’ll be hitting play and finding out, stat.

The Cohesive Home

Put together by two mums who “grew tired of lives that felt like a too-small shoe”, this podcast is part of a friendly, community-minded and supportive group of people who all think there’s a way of simplifying our homes and lives without A, having to live in a super-minimalist and Instagrammable white box and B, entirely alienating your children. With tips on choosing homes, jobs and activities that all bring your family peace, rather than chaos, this is a hugely listenable, super practical guide to happiness.