International Women's Day 2018: Frances Cannon

Instagram Feminists to Follow Now

As the #Timesup and #Metoo movements crank up the gender equality conversation a decibel or ten, this International Women’s Day has momentum like never before. With the sounds of an uprising ringing out across the globe, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to get our daily dose of awesome, inspirational Insta-feminism.

Frances Cannon

An artist and body positivity champion, Frances’ work (above) features realistic female forms in all their glory, alongside words of affirmation that serve as a rallying cry for women to accept themselves exactly as they are. 


A one-stop shop for smart words, powerful images and the everyday reminder that true equality is still a radical belief.

Our Shared Shelf

The actual (online) book club of the actual Emma Watson, this feminist group is open to all on Goodreads, and shares inspirational books and essays on all things equality.

Feminist Graffiti

Proving gender issues and graffiti are both globally relevant, this account rounds up the very best feminist street art from around the world.

Mari Andrew

Mari’s lovely illustrations about feelings, feminism and being human are so intuitive you feel she’s somehow read your mind then set it down on paper.

Rupi Kaur

One of a group of feminist poets on Instagram (see also the mighty Nayyirah Waheed) who use stark, sharply beautiful syntax to confront the reality of what it means to be a woman.

Rebel Girls

For the little women in your life, this collection of 100 inspirational women demonstrates the power, purpose and unlimited possibilities that lie within each and every rebel girl.