Dream Weaver

Jess Feury

Too much texture is never enough – just ask fibre artist Jess Feury. From her studio in Northern California, Jess uses natural dyes and a loom to transform natural fibres and vintage threads into an incredibly tactile range of garments, home textiles and accessories. Her small but thoughtful wardrobe range includes everything from delicate smocks made with antique lace to practical raw silk throw-overs, while her most popular creations are a collection of signature crop tops, each stitched from handwoven natural fibres and designed to be layered. We also love her colourful kimono jackets, pieced together from scraps of hand-painted and hand-dyed patchwork, rag rugs woven from heirloom textiles, hand-loomed wallhangings and coiled-yarn necklaces. For fabrics your fingertips will never tire of touching, Jess’ one-of-a-kind pieces are available to purchase through her online store.