Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Most of us have a favourite pair of jeans – the 670,000 tonnes of denim consumed globally every year are surely testament to our timeless desire for denim. But some denim companies aren’t making sure that their employees have fair and safe working conditions – worryingly, Australia’s largest denim retailer, The Just Group, has repeatedly refused to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord, an agreement designed to help all Bangladesh garment factories safer workplaces.

But all is not lost: to kickstart Australia’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the good guys at Oxfam are urging The Just Group to stop breaking denim lovers’ hearts and get on board with the Accord in time for Fashion Revolution Day on Friday 24 April. Oxfam needs your help, too – all you have to do is head over to the Oxfam Facebook page, share their awesome Love Denim image (pictured above) and tag @JustJeans. You can write your own message, or share this one:

Hey Just Jeans, if you want to sell denim in Australia, you need to protect the people making it. Sign the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord! #heartbreakers @justjeans.

Help stop hearts being broken and do a good deed for denim today!