Cottoning On

Organic cotton may represent a tiny share of the world’s total cotton crop – last measured at just 0.7% according to the Textile Exchange – but that still equates to more than 700,000 metric tons of fibre being harvested every year. These days there are no shortage of buyers for organic cotton, and with the release of the latest Organic Cotton Report, it’s been revealed that Swedish retailer H&M have once again reclaimed their position as the leader of the pack, topping the list as the world’s biggest user of organic cotton for 2013. The list, which ranks brands by volume, drops some other familiar names too, including Puma, Nike and Target. Coming out on top has surely provided a boost to H&M’s plan to make all cotton used in their garments organic by the year 2020. For now, organic materials are reserved for their Conscious basics collection and the Conscious Exclusive range, available through a select few of H&M’s 3,000-plus retail stores. If you’re interested in knowing more about H&M’s organic cotton pledge and some of the brand’s other ethical and environmental pursuits, check out Issue 22 for our special interview with one of H&M’s leading sustainability spokeswomen.