Eleanor Ozich's coconut milk vanilla and pink salt bath soak

MAKE: Coconut milk, vanilla and pink salt bath soak

If you’ve already snapped up a copy of our Summer Issue you’ll be familiar with our cover star Eleanor Ozich, who first gained a following with the easy wholefood recipes she posted to her Petite Kitchen blog.  Her new book, The Art of Simple, is a collection of food, beauty and cleaning recipes alongside tips to simplify, declutter and slow down your life. Here, she shares a beautiful recipe for a soothing bath soak – the ideal #memade gift for popping under the Christmas tree this year.

Perfect for hydrating and softening the skin, this coconut milk, vanilla and rose bath soak is luxuriously indulgent and will leave you smelling lovely. Pink Himalayan salt infuses your bathing water with minerals and helps with relaxation.


Makes 2–2½ cups

1 cup pink Himalayan rock salts

1 cup coconut milk powder  (you could also use cow’s milk or almond milk powder)

10 drops vanilla
essential oil

½ cup dried rose petals (optional)


Put all the ingredients into a bowl and toss gently to combine. Transfer to a dark-coloured glass jar to store.

Keep the jar in a cool, dark place, and use within a month or two.

To use, add a large handful to your bath and allow it to dissolve in the hot water. It’s best to do this right before you hop in the bath as this is when the essential oils are most fragrant. Inhale deeply and enjoy.