Buchi Brew

Jase and Matt are two Queensland brewmasters hoping to bring the flavour of the kombucha buzz down under. Using strictly raw, organic, local produce and reusable bottles, they aim to have the wonder drink for sale at farmers markets and beyond using a glocal enterprise model. But what exactly is kombucha, you ask? Basically it’s an effervescent beverage made with fermented tea leaves and a little help from the kombucha culture – a solid mass of yeast and good bacteria. Kombucha is rich in organic acids, active enzymes and polphenols, and is low in sugar and caffeine. Sweet on the tongue (we hear even kids like the taste!) and a great natural digestive aid, it’s hard to say which part of your body will be more grateful for a bit of the old Buchi: your taste buds or your gut! If you’d like to support the project by pledging some funds, you can jump onto the guys’ Pozible page!