Beyond the Label: A Documentary

Want to be part of creating a more sustainable fashion industry? This crowdfunding campaign needs your help! Photographer Claudio Montesano Casillas’ documentary Beyond the Label aims to educate and inspire, providing solutions for both consumers and brands that will contribute to real social and environmental change.

Having been based in Cambodia and Bangladesh for the past few years, Claudio has seen the sobering reality of the garment industry firsthand. He became increasingly concerned about the exploitation of workers, the environmental damage and the lack of progress, and felt compelled to make a film that would inspire people to imagine a better future. Currently in the research phase, Beyond the Label will demystify the industry, give a voice to the people who make our clothes, explore the importance of social responsibility and environmental impact, and empower the audience by providing innovative suggestions for both consumers and apparel companies alike.

As Claudio explains: “We want to inspire and be inspired. It seems to us that one of the reasons why change is taking so long is that there is no ready-made or one-fits-all solution. There is, however, a wide array of encouraging initiatives promoted by daring new players and people of goodwill – from innovative traceability technologies to chemical-free compostable clothes to plant-based textiles that absorb CO2 or generate more energy than their manufacturing process requires. We want to explore this existing network, connect the different dots together and rethink the whole industry to bring out a new model.”

He believes that by acting together we can make a difference.“We are close to eight billion humans. That’s eight billion brains, eight billion imaginations. Together, we have tremendous power for change.”

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Image: Claudio Montesano Casillas.