Bag of Tricks

Their ‘One For One’ model for selling slip-on shoes made them famous, now social enterprise TOMS have launched another line of accessories with a surprising flow-on effect.

For every duffel, tote or clutch purchased from their new bag collection, TOMS will match it by providing a ‘safe birth kit’ to a healthcare professional in a developing country. Buy a bag, and you could be contributing to the safe delivery of a baby in Bangladesh, India, Haiti or Ethiopia. The kits contain gloves, soap, gauze and other supplies, and will be donated to grassroots programs such as BRAC and Ayzh, who will also benefit from increased training for birthing attendants.

Bags may be the latest addition to the TOMS’ portfolio but this isn’t their first step away from footwear – if you’re a fan of the One For One model, you can cast a vote for conscious consumerism by purchasing TOMS garments, eyewear, and even coffee.