All Tomorrow’s Parties

Tailoring Tomorrow 2

Just a few weeks ago, on a very warm night in Melbourne, a committed crowd assembled downstairs at Donkey Wheel House to discuss all things sustainable fashion. Tailoring Tomorrow – a partnership between Billy Blue College of Design and Peppermint Magazine – boasted a great line-up of sustainable fashion minds as speakers. Alex Trimmer (Sosume), Kelly Elkin (ALAS) and Rachael Cassar covered design and design thinking for fashion businesses and Eloise Bishop, Simon McRae (ECA), Julia Haselhorst (TFIA) and Mieke Leppens tackled how larger businesses, collaboration, accreditation and education play a key role.

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The seven speakers covered the question of sustainability in fashion comprehensively, with design practice, supply chain management, business strategy, training and sourcing all covered in depth. For myself and many others, the most exciting element was hearing that there is definitely more than one way to approach the challenge of sustainability in fashion, and we seem to be tackling most of them here in Australia. Tailoring a promising tomorrow indeed! {For a gallery of the evening, click here}.

Words by Lara McPherson